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8 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Expert

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You’re trying to sell something online? You want more people to come to your website?

You need SEO. It’s the backbone of your company’s internet traffic. Without SEO your website has no content that drives people to your website from search engines. 

Before you hire an SEO expert, there are a few preliminary questions you should ask to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

SEO Expert

How Will We Be Communicating?  

The first thing you need to lock down is how you can communicate with your SEO expert. Not only the means of communication, but the frequency as well. You don’t want someone who will go into hiding and then pop up only to ask for payment.

It’s important to keep a direct line of communication where you can check in on your work regularly. This helps to keep your expert on his or her toes at all times. They will be constantly reminded of your project, and there will be no surprises. It’s always a better idea to feel like you have some element of control when you hire someone to do a job.

How Will You Help My Website?

They should have a starting pitch ready. Sure, they won’t give away all their secrets, but they should have a general overview of what and how they can better your website. Make sure you inquire how much they can help you, how long it will take them, and why they are using a specific strategy.

You don’t want someone with no plan at all yet. If they say, we need to analyze your website first before we can say anything, they probably won’t have much of a plan. A good expert can take a quick glance at your website and tell you a quick fix or two off the back.

How Will This Work Long Term with Google?

Google is volatile. It changes all too often. One day you can be the number one search, and the next you can be hidden in the back pages. Sure, your expert may be able to get you high up on google now, but how will this bode for the future?

Google changes its algorithms all too often. Make sure that your expert knows that you know this otherwise they will only give you a short term boost. Any and everything your expert does for you should help your website for the long term. This means not just taking advantage of some recent loophole, but building a strong base which google will always value.

Can You Get Me to the Top of Google? 

If an SEO expert says he can get you to number 1 on google in no time,they are likely a fraud. If there’s any competition for your keyword whatsoever, getting to the top is a bit unreasonable.

A good SEO analyst will know what the realistic approach is and should be. Make sure they have their feet on the ground.

Do You Have Past Examples of Your Work? 

There are several companies out there who have been in your shoes. There’s a good chance one of them was a client of your expert at one point. Ask for samples and ask to see what results they brought about.

They won’t give you everything, but a good expert will show you a few cases of where they helped someone who had similar needs to your own. Check to see what they did and how they did it. If you approve, then hire away.

What Do You Consider a Success for My Company?

Discern what they consider a win with your company. How high do they think they can get your rankings? Find what they consider a success and hold them accountable to it. If they accomplish anything less, then they have failed you and maybe it’s best for you to go your separate ways.

What Makes You Better Than the Next Guy? 

Ask them what makes them so special. Is it their technical skills, their ability to communicate, or is it something else? Find what they claim to base their philosophy off of and hold them to it. If they claim to have the best customer service, then take advantage of it. 

Every company has to try and specialize at one point.

How Will Payment Work? 

Obviously, don’t give up all your cash up front. Figure out what they expect and how often they expect it. Their attitude towards payment will show you their hand. If they are all about the money, they might only be interested in taking your money and running.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. If it feels like money is an afterthought, and that they know you will pay them for their great work, then they are a confident company. Look for SEO experts who let their work do the negotiating.

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