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How To Edit Your PDF Documents Using Able2Extract Professional 11

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Working in a modern office environment involves interaction and mutual cooperation between the co-workers. Also, it requires everyone to be up to date with the current company projects and most importantly, it involves a constant information exchange between employees.

The majority of these informative tasks involve reports or invoices that come in PDF format, since it is the number one file type for formal, written business communication. And, as we all know, PDFs cannot be easily edited.

To help us with PDF data extraction and content editing, we would usually have to use two types of tools:

  1. PDF Converter — A tool that allows us to easily convert any PDFs into a desired editable format.
  2. PDF Editor — If we need to change only specific text parts, we don’t have to convert the entire document. PDF editing tools allow us to simply select the PDF and change any content inside it in seconds.

Luckily, there is a software that covers both of these. It’s called Able2Extract Professional 11 and you can check it out here.

Using Able2Extract Pro 11, you can quickly:

  • Add and remove text, extract and merge pages
  • Annotate PDF using more than 10 popular annotation methods
  • Edit your PDFs with instantly visible changes
  • Convert to more than 10 editable formats
  • Create password protected PDFs

Check out the screenshots below and see how you can modify any PDF content in seconds.

PDF Content Editing & Redaction

Open your PDF file in Able2Extract and click on the “Edit” icon in the top menu bar.

Use this editing panel to add and remove text, change font and color of your PDF content. You can insert shapes and images and perform various page modifications, such as extracting, merging, resizing and rotating.

There’s a reduction option that will permanently blacken out any information from your documents allowing you to save your sensitive data upon transferring.

PDF Annotation & Collaboration

As of this version, you have the ability to add a variety of annotations to your document. Perform various page modifications, such as underlining and striking out text, highlighting sentence or adding stamps and watermarks.

Annotation feature also lets you easily insert links, add sticky notes and comments, thus making your PDF content more appealing and user friendly.

Using Able2Extract Professional 11

Besides PDF editing, Able2Extract’s Pro 11 is also a powerful PDF converter. You can choose between 10 different editable formats and convert your documents with high accuracy. This version 11 has an embedded OCR software that can successfully convert digitized scanned paper documents into fully editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Able2Extract is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and even iOS.

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