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How new technology enhances learning – Killer ways tech can help you with a language

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Can you imagine living in a world without cars, laptops, iPhones, TVs, ATMs and internet? Can you think of what exactly your day would look like? When there’s no Facebook, what would you log in to early in the morning? How would you get to know what’s happening in the world? Now imagine learning a new language in a world sans technology. The foremost thing you would need to do is to hunt for a man who speaks the language and for that you may even require swimming the ocean! Acquisition of a new language would be terribly slow!

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Now that we get back to our present world where technology plays an indispensable part of our lives, it seems that learning a new language is extremely simple with the host of tools and websites which are dedicated to online learning. Such websites use technologies which make language lessons come to life by gamifying them and making them interesting. Here are few killer ways to utilize technology for learning language instantly.

  • Alter the language settings on social media accounts and smartphones

Mundane appliances like washing machines to come with a manual which, if needed, can be translated into a number of languages. Don’t you think there’s a language learning sensibility there? The smartphone that you’re using can also be turned into a different language so that you could learn the language by trying to read out the display commands. How about using Facebook in Spanish? If that seems to be a good idea, change the language settings to Spanish and find yourself experimenting with the language.

  • Instant Translate can be used to increase vocabulary

With a single tap or click, you will get to know what ‘eat’ is when you translate it to French, Spanish or Japanese. There are translation apps and sites which can be used to decipher the meaning of foreign words. Get multiple versions of such translation apps so that you get a sharp equivalent of the exact word. French, Japanese, German and Spanish dictionary apps are some of the best ones.

  • Speak through a video call with a native speaker during any time of the day

You must be aware that Google Hangouts and Skype are free video call services which allow you get in touch with anyone who is willing enough to take your call. You can use such VOIP services to speak with a native speaker, but make sure both of you have a good and uninterrupting internet connection. Through your social media account, you may hunt for people who speak in different languages. The more you speak with them, the more you can get a firm grip on the language.

  • Opt for language acquisition through YouTube

It is needless to mention that YouTube is a library of videos and has got a plethora of learning opportunities. There are lists of channels which are maintained by people who are gifted with the virtue of teaching a new language. With YouTube, you can easily get access to native speakers who are able to speak in various dialects and you can get full videos to learn from. Leveraging YouTube can definitely be a worthwhile way of learning a new language.

Therefore, if you’re someone who believes in technology and the wonders that it can do, you can use the above mentioned killer strategies through which you can instantly learn a new language without making a huge mess about it.

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