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Review of FlexiHub – Now Enjoy The Freedom of Access and Manage Your USB Devices from Anywhere

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When we cannot physically access any device, we need to depend on its contents and functionality for remote access. Here lays the necessity of emergence the shareware tools for remote access to the USB devices. In recent days, one such software named FlexiHub remains in the centre of discussion for providing the solution of accession and management of remote USB devices through internet. FlexiHub facilitates the users to remote access and management of USB and serial ports via internet where the location of the devices does not matter. It can be within your office cubicle or even overseas. This shareware technology functions with the latest MacBook as well as Windows and Linux.


What is FlexiHub?

FlexiHub is an excellent software solution developed by Eltima Software for over 10 years that enables the users to access and management of remote USB devices through internet. This standalone application acts as a control panel for various USB devices that are connected to a number of computers over a LAN. Hence, the user can monitor all USB devices over a network and monitor them with the help of this useful application. Anyone can connect their computer including Windows, Mac and Linux to FlexiHub only by installing a piece of client software. These computers are called as ‘nodes’ as per the terminology of FlexiHub. Now, the users can manage all their USB and serial devices from any one of those nodes through FlexiHub account. Remember that unlike common peer-to-peer networks, nodes are only used for transferring own data.

Facilities Offered by FlexiHub

Accessing USB from Any Computer: With FlexiHub, you are allowed to access a number of remotely connected USB devices to different computers all at a time. These network connected computers are known as nodes and you need to connect the USB to one of them for monitoring it.

Remotely Connecting or Disconnecting USB: By remote management of USB devices, we not only mean the accession of data or following its read write performances. Rather it also facilitates the users with remote connection and disconnection of USB devices. In addition, since the entire communication over a network is encrypted, the users will get the optimal security when they want to connect to one.

Automatic Detection of Device Type: In order to fulfill the requirements and allow enough ease, FlexiHub also provides device detection facility. Thus, the users come to detect the device whether it is a printer, flash drive, HID, phone, speaker, or any other USB supported device for the moment it is connected. In this way, the users are well-aware of which device should be connected and which needs secure access.

Ability to Share Access: One of the great advantages of FlexiHub is remote access management of USB devices. That means it allows you to block any USB device from remote distance for every, or particular users. If you lock a device once, it will be invisible to other users on the same network. Therefore, in order to get connected to, the USB device needs an approval from the admin.

Special Features of FlexiHub Technology – At A Glance

Optimal Security Connection: Since FlexiHub deploys 256 bit encryption for security communication, the users are facilitated with an extra layer of data protection. Therefore, their data will remain safe even when travelling through a distributed or shared network.

Private Communication Server: When you use FlexiHub, your connected computer does not require any real IP address as FlexiHub sends traffic using its personal redirection server.

Traffic Compression: With FlexiHub, the users can speed up interaction with particular USB devices and diminish internet traffic by activating the feature called Traffic Compression. Even for the devices like scanners where data is relocated in an uncompressed position, FlexiHub allows to compress it and transfer data at its best speed and size.

Access Regulation: FlexiHub can restrict the accession to devices connected into your machine.


After looking at those great features offered by FlexiHub, we have to admit that it is a great solution for remote access to multiple USB devices even when you have distributed locations of your assets as per your work environment. In addition, FlexiHub makes it easier to incorporate flexibility to your work environment with better security, more transferring options, great monitoring, controlling and accessing the devices.

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