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How to Run Your Blog Over Christmas

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Running a blog is a great hobby that can even earn you money. Over Christmas you might not want to spend as much time online, but still want to make things special for your viewers. When you have worked hard all year, sometimes it’s hard to take a break. And, if you use your blog to sell products through an e-commerce store, you might not be able to afford total time off. Here are some ways you can take a break and keep your blog looking great over the festive period.

Make It Festive

Add some festive cheer to your design and your posts. Write some gift guides and advice posts. If your blog includes food, add some festive recipes. Craft ideas are great too if it’s a lifestyle or family blog. If you are studying MSN administration and run a healthcare blog, consider a post advising people of common festive illnesses and how to avoid them. Look at adding festive photographs or a countdown to the big day. If your blog is part of an e-commerce store consider some special offers, or offering a gift-wrapping service. Remember not to forget your social media accounts. Adding festive profile pictures could be a great way of getting you noticed and drawing traffic to your blog.

Schedule Posts

If you don’t way to be working all over Christmas, get writing now. Use apps and plugins to schedule your posts to go live whenever you want them to. Remember, not everyone will be busy with family on Christmas day, some people may be online. Consider posting a special Christmas day message to wish everyone well or advertise any New Year Special offers you have planned and thank everyone for their support and/or custom this passing year.


Scheduling is amazingly useful, but you’ll need to be organized. Firstly, you need to make time to write and proofread them in bulk now. But, you also need to have time to check that they have gone out as planned. Don’t rely on technology. You’ll also want to take a bit of time each day to keep replying to your comments.

Prepare for the New Year

Be ready for January. You’ll need to take down any Christmas designs or messages as soon as the festive period is over. Have something in place ready, so it’s not too difficult when the time comes. While you could just return to your old site exactly, this is a great time to freshen things up. Have a look at some new themes and graphics. Update your logo and assess how your SEO and marketing strategies are working out. Any changes you make to your blog should be reflected across your social media profiles and email newsletters.

Christmas is a great time to take a break. You may get time off from work or school, even if you are studying an online course, such as a degree in MSN administration from Bradley University, and it is a great excuse to give yourself a break. Your blog is no different. Blogging can be tremendously time consuming, so try to at least cut down this holiday.

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