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4 Ways to Use Technology to Enrich Your Lifestyle

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Have you ever stopped to wonder how your grandparents ever got anything done? And what about your great-grandparents? Perhaps they lived and worked in the days before even microwaves were widely available, with the first generation units at a cost that could buy enough microwaves today for every house on your block. Indeed, technology is something most of us take for granted but do we really know or appreciate all the ways in which technology has enriched our lifestyles? Here are just four of those ways.

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1. Smart Controls for Smart Homes

There was a time when smart appliances each had their own remote controls. From your central heating and air conditioning unit to the television and even your garage doors, everything has gone ‘smart,’ meaning having the ability to be controlled remotely and programmed to work automatically with little human intervention. Now, you can even program your iPhone to work as a remote with literally every device and appliance in your home.

2. Distance Learning from Home

Although online college courses are not really new, getting an advanced degree totally online, like a master of education in adult and continuing education degree, was almost unheard of, even just a decade ago. Yes, there have been online classes to supplement what you learned on campus, but it has only been within the past decade or so that you could earn the entire degree without stepping foot on campus. Schools like Rutgers Online offer masters and doctorate degrees totally online, making it easier to continue your education without quitting or taking time away from your full-time employment.

3. Healthcare and Fitness Wearables

What about all those at home diagnostics that sufferers of certain ailments need to track daily? For example, a diabetic needs to check blood glucose levels regularly. Digital readings were quite popular when they first came out, but there were multiple steps to taking those readings. Now, there are wearables that do everything for you, including sending information on glucose levels to your healthcare provider if levels are in the danger zone. If that doesn’t enrich your life as a diabetic, the only other thing that might be more enriching is a cure, which is still years and years in the future.

4. Advanced Communications Online

Then there is social media, and what can we say about that? No more waiting for that Sunday night phone call from the kids and grandkids. You simply sign into Facebook and chat a bit, share pictures or even play some of the games there like Bejeweled. Video chat on Facebook and share memories of other times and places. Find people you’ve lost touch with years ago and even join pages to share in common interests or hobbies.

Whether you are looking to advance your education for when you go back to teaching with an online MEAD degree, or simply looking for some enriching content to browse through, it’s all there at your fingertips with just a click or two of the mouse. From controlling the temperature in our hot water heaters to programming television shows to view later, technology has definitely enriched our lifestyles in more ways than you can count on all of your fingers and toes. Doesn’t this leave you to wonder what comes next?

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