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Choosing the perfect Wi-Fi router for your home – Making sure you choose the best one

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We usually make the mistake of taking our home Wi-fi network for granted but there are many households which face a job which no one loves to do. Replacing the wireless router is one big intimidating task which many users hate doing. With the increasing demand of online video gaming and 4K video streaming and with the sudden explosion of mobile devices which are trying to connect with each other, old routers are gradually becoming outdated as their capabilities are being questioned.

Wi-Fi router

There are too many devices which are connecting simultaneously and are trying hard to exchange huge amounts of data. The routers which use old Wifi standards will give you signs like sluggish online gaming, dropped connections and web pages which are slow loading. It can be confusing to shop for wireless routers and it is even tough to set up. Hence, here are some tips that you should take into account if you’re getting home routers in your house.

  • Opt for the 802.11ac: Yes, this is definitely a no-brainer but make sure the next router that you get offer 802.11ac support. Even when you get it as the base level, 802.11acprovides 1300 Mbps of throughput. This is even more than twice as fast as maximum of the previous standard 802.11n. The ‘ac’ standard is also compatible with few older devices as well. You may not find a smartphone or a PC or a tablet which is sold nowadays which doesn’t support 802.11ac. SO, would you want that upgrade again in the next year? Although stores still sell 802.11n wireless routers and they’re extremely cheap but don’t go with saving those extra bucks.
  • Purchase from a retailer which allows returns: Due to the increasing demand of wifi routers, it is important for you to check whether or not the one that you get from a retailer is working perfectly. Even the best of them which you may have bought by paying huge cost can fail to give you desired results. The operating systems of everyone are different and even the specifics of your home. Here if you make the mistake of buying a router from a retailer which doesn’t allow easy returns, you may suffer in the long run. So, make sure you check the return policies of the retailer before grabbing your wireless router.
  • Placement of the router is important: If you stay in a one-room apartment, where you place the router is extremely important. For most homes, the exact spot where you place the router may have a big impact on the performance of the network.
  • Wireless data security: Wireless networks are as insecure and they are also convenient at the same time. Hence, before you choose a wifi router for your home, you have to take immediate steps to secure your home network so that no troublesome eavesdropper can’t do anything about your personal online activities or infect your computer system with viruses. Any router which you buy should at least support WPA2. Remember that your wifi network is just as secure as the least-secured device which you connect with it. It is not that WPA is unacceptable, but WPA2 is definitely worth it.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. Zyxel, one of the biggest manufacturers of home routers are aware of this and hence they have created some really pleasing and sleek designs with no external antennas. The better the router looks, there will be higher chances that you won’t stuff it within a closet. Flaunt your wi-fi router and ensure getting maximum speed with which you can use your internet.

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