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2017 expected to quench your thirst for new gadgets

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It is being ascertained that the year 2017 will be an excellent year for the gadget lovers and perhaps they will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shelling out their money for the latest tech gadgets that are expected to hit the market. A wide array of tech products will be seen being released throughout the year. So, you can just hold your breath and find out which one you have always longed for.

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In this article, we will explore your options in this regard. So, check them out.

  1. iPads

Apple is in the process of revamping their iPhone line of products in 2017. The features that will undergo alterations include Apple’s existing features in the iPads that include the screen sizes, Pro Line, and Pencil stylus.

  1. iPhone 8

As per reports and reliable sources, the iPhone is in for a major revamp this year (2017). The features that will be incorporated include the “all glass design”. Aside from this, the other feature that will be seen being added in the new version of the iPhone include the changes in Organic LED display. This is being done in order to enhance the quality of the images. There will be no home button; the screen size will be user friendly too. Interestingly, Apple is planning to incorporate the much talked about reality feature, namely, the popular Pokemon Go aside from a few more apps. Since the year 2017 is the year when Apple is celebrating its completion of 10 years of its iPhone, it is really trying hard to make the product an amazing one.

  1. Samsung phone (Foldable)

Among the latest tech gadgets to hit the markets in the year 2017, Samsung is planning to launch a foldable phone, more precisely a display that is “bendable”. Of late, Samsung has applied for a patent in this regard. And this is what is making all tech lovers believe that a similar product will be released in the market by the company.

  1. iMac

A new iMac is expected to be released in the market among the other latest tech gadgets. The new version will basically have a superior high resolution display. As per reports, a new feature that will be incorporated in the new gadget is the USB-C port. Aside from a revamp of this product, it is being assumed as per reports that the company is also planning to incorporate or revamp its other line of products too. However, as far as the release date of the product is concerned, nothing much has been heard about the same except that the product will be seen in the markets in the current year 2017.

  1. Google’s smart watch

The company has been deferring the launch of its smart watches until 2017. The popular Android Wear watches will not only see few additional features, in fact the company is to launch its own watch this year. Being referred to as and being denoted as “wearable computers”, the smart watches are expected to be a hit with the common people especially the ones that are tech savvy and love new gadgets and features.

  1. Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Surface Book is Microsoft’s first laptop. It is expected to undergo an update in the current year 2017. Among the new additions and features that will be incorporated include its speed and it is also expected to be more powerful.

Aside from the latest new gadgets mentioned above, the other devices expected to hit the market this year include the following-

  • Virtual Reality headsets
  • Fitness trackers from Fitbit
  • Xbox Project Scorpio
  • Nintendo Switch

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