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4 Technology Bad Habits You Must Stop

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Most of us are rather dependent on our devices, from our smartphones and laptops to our tablets and games consoles. Yet many people often take the gadgets for granted, which has the potential to reduce the lifespan of the technology. For this reason, we are looking at the worst technology bad habits you must stop right now.

You Don’t Backup

How would you feel if all the documents on your computer were suddenly wiped from the hard drive? Or if all the photos on your smartphone unexpectedly disappeared? You would probably be heartbroken. So, if you need these items, why aren’t you backing up?

There are so many backup options available nowadays, so you really don’t have an excuse not to be creating duplicate copies of your files locally, in physical form and/or on a digital cloud. If you fail to backup and your computer breaks, you might have no other option but to request the help of data recovery professional services, because they might be your only hope of retrieving the precious files.

Grubby Hands

Many people across the world spend their lives on their computers, phones or tablets, either for personal or professional use. With a technology device always in hand, it is easy to start eating meals or snacks over the computer as you browse the internet or work on an important document. We are all guilty of it.

However, how often do you clean the external parts of your computer after you have eaten? You might not realise it but that bag of chips will leave residue on a keypad or monitor, which will build up over time and could become a health risk. We know you’re probably going to continue eating over your technology, but there’s no excuse not to clean up after yourself. So, invest in an electronic cleaning products to help clean your device, so you can wipe down your monitor, keyboard or touch pad after you have finished a meal.

Poor Posture

Not only could you be hurting your technology, but technology could be hurting you, too. Poor posture is a common problem for people who regularly use a PC, as it can cause various health problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which can affect the wrist and hand, and it may unfortunately require surgery to alleviate the issue.

To prevent poor posture when using a computer, it has been recommended to select a desk chair that allows you to sit at a height. Ensure your knees are at a 90-degree angle and that your feet are flat on the floor. The monitor should also be eye level, and you should position your keyboard to ensure your wrists are parallel with the floor.

Regularly Reboot

Many of us are guilty of closing over our laptop rather than shutting it down, or hitting the sleep button over shutdown. While most modern PCs don’t require you to perform a daily reboot, it should be something you try to do occasionally to allow apps and programs to update, and to just give your PC a little bit of a rest. If you don’t, the programs and apps could experience a memory leak, or you could suffer a slow performing computer.

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