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Best iPhone tips for smartphone photography – What if you don’t have a DSLR?

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They say that to become a good photographer, you also need a good camera and with that being said, you also have to remember the technology which is being applied to smartphone cameras. Not everyone is able to afford DSLRs and for them smartphone cameras often satiate the urge to click good photographs. Thankfully, with the technological advancements, with a few tweaks and by installing few apps, you can easily create stunning photographs which even have the HDR effect. What are such tricks? Here are some that you may take into account.

smartphone photography

  • Know about the best resolution and the best picture quality

Before you start off with your smartphone camera, check your camera settings. Often it is seen that the factory settings aren’t optimal due to which a low resolution is set. In order to create a stunning photograph, you have to know about the high dynamic photography range. You should always make sure that you adjust the aspect ratio so as to get the biggest possible picture. The 16:9 formats are often works well as pages tend to be truncated in the 4:3 format. On the other hand, there are some smartphones, which work just the other way round where the 4:3 formats creates the biggest photos and 16:9 the smallest ones. Exposure bracketing is something that you need to change and alter.

  • Clean the lens very often

Ensure that the lens of the camera is free from dirt and from fingerprints. Probably most of the time, the smartphone spends in your jacket’s pocket where dust may accumulate on the lens. You can use a microfiber cloth or rather a cleaning cloth to clean the lens of your phone. You can also use facial tissues, but make sure they don’t leave behind the annoying dust. This is a very common tip that you may find in an HDR photography tutorial as well.

  • Know about the best and the perfect exposure settings

When it comes to photography, 3 values become important, time of exposure, ISO values and aperture. All these determine how brightly the photo is exposed, how much sharply the background can be focused and whether or not an object in motion is blurred in a picture. When it comes to clicking smartphone bracketed photos, you can’t adjust the aperture as it is already fixed. Hence, it is vital for the iPhone photographers to find out the best settings for the exposure time and ISO value. You can later on learn ‘how to edit HDR photos’ before editing them in the software.

  • Set manual focus and not an automatic one

For a successful image, there are lots of things which depend on applying the right kind of focus. Although the autofocus is useful, but that doesn’t mean that it’s flawless. When focusing on the object, a single touch is the only solution. Touch on the screen wherever you want the camera to focus. If you apply the manual mode of the camera app, you can also focus on camera in the best possible manner.

Therefore, instead of always using editing apps to add that stunning impact on your pictures, you can also take the above mentioned steps in order to click best pictures through your iPhone camera.

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