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Best Shooter Games of 2016

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Last year there were a number of fantastic first-person shooters released into the gaming community but which ones were the best? Let’s take a look at a round up of what the gaming experts have to say on this debate:

Forbes – The well-respected Forbes published an article naming their top 5 shooter games of 2016. Who do you think made it into this elite number? If you’ve played all of these games then you’ll probably agree that they are definitely there or thereabouts in the top shooters for last year.

Call of DutyCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare – This will come as little surprise, given the huge popularity of the COD series. With new features and missions, the latest Call of Duty game was a success in 2016. Forbes ranked this one at number 5 and cited its similarity of Black Ops III for not reaching a higher ranking.

Battlefield 1 – A popular choice for many gamers and lots of reviews score this highly due to the war stories that people have enjoyed playing out. The Forbes article writer calls out the graphics and realistic availability of WWI weaponry as some of the finer points of the game.

Doom – The Doom series has also been highly popular since its initial game was released back in 1993. One of the gaming leaders of first-person shooters, this game has been well received in 2016. Forbes ranked this at number 3.

Titanfall 2 – If you’ve played the first game that was released in 2014, then you will expect its follow up to have scored highly in the gaming charts. Reviewers say that the multiplayer options are one of the highlights of this game.

Overwatch – Gamers may find this an unexpected number one for Forbes but all reviewers see games from different angles. The addition of new content is described as an attraction and the game has certainly been a hit with many gamers.

What do other reviewers say? 

Both Doom and Overwatch get special mentions in this article from The reviews are holding these two games high up in the FPS rankings. If you’re looking for something less predictable then these two are both good options. A large sector of gaming experts seem to be of the opinion that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is too similar to its previous games in the series and doesn’t offer much that is new.

One reviewer describes the playability of Doom as: “Doom went back to what made it a classic without compromise, focusing and expanding its best qualities into new mechanics.” It certainly was a firm choice with the majority of reviewers, so if you are weighing up which first person shooter to get, then Doom and Overwatch are both worth a try. You can find out more about the best FSP games and other types of games at

2016 was a great year for the gaming world and whether you’re a trigger-happy gamer or not, these games are definitely worth giving a go.

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