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Images So Sharp They Should Come With A Health Warning

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A great website has great images. It also has a lot of other features, but the pictures help lure people to the site. The sad fact is that a lot of sites don’t have quality images because they don’t know how to source them in the first place. Okay, taking a picture isn’t a piece of cake, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Top quality photos are easy to produce when you know how, and now you will because you can find all the info you need below.

Health Warning

Go Manual

There is a temptation to let the camera do all of the work because they are so sophisticated. A good camera will take care of everything from focussing to lighting, so all you have to do is press the button. This isn’t the way you create the best photos as you can’t always trust the camera. Even a good camera will pick the wrong place to focus, especially if you are going down the unconventional route. The manual option is the best option as it gives you the control to set up the photo.  

Steady Yourself

People that use tripods to take pictures might seem like pretentious fools, but they are far from fools. Instead, they are the clever ones that end up with breathtaking pictures. It all comes down to a steady base, and a tripod provides a steady base for the camera. When you take a picture free hand, you have to contend with a lot of factors like a shaking hand. These factors are reflected in the final edit, and they help make a picture less appealing. A tripod, or any steady base, takes them out of the equation so it is just you and the camera.

Health Warning

Clean The Lens

You have everything right: you’ve picked the focus point, corrected the shutter speed, and have a steady base. So why do your pictures keep on coming out wrong? The reason is probably something as simple as a dirty lens. The lens is, of course, the most important aspect of the camera because it shoots the image. However, with all the different features, it is easy to forget it because it seems insignificant for some reason. It isn’t, so make sure you give it a rub down beforehand.

Post Edit

The images you get aren’t always the images you want, but you shouldn’t worry. Thanks to picture editing software, it is possible to edit photos to make them better. With the help of Adobe Illustrator training your images can transform from half decent into pretty great in the space of a few hours. Although it seems like cheating, the software is there for a reason so use it to your advantage. No one will know, and you’re not pretending to a professional.

Your images will be that good Andy Warhol would be jealous. Just be careful you don’t cut yourself, though.

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