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Top 3 Effective Technological Solutions for Optimizing the Efficiency of Your Mobile Personnel

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The new trend of having a mobile workforce is likely to bring a myriad of benefits for both the workers and business. However, no coin is without its two sides. So, while a mobile workforce is a flexible yet effective option to increase the overall business productivity, there are challenges involved in managing it.

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It is quite challenging to increase the efficiency of those workers who are physically set apart. Why so? Well, there are many factors contributing to this challenge, such as lack of clear and complete communication and difficulty in reinforcing collaboration for the remote workers.

A reliable way to mitigate these causal factors is technology. In simple words, you should find a systemthat can auto-manage communication and scheduling for increasing the efficiency of your mobile workforce. Here are some solutions in this regard to motivate them and gain their buy-in:

Go for Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is not only for big companies. Even a small-scale business can take advantage of it for improving the productivity of mobile staff. Workers, who are remote, especially benefit by accessing the latest information from any mobile gadget. In just a few clicks, your field worker can find some field details and the sales personnel can access up-to-date sales figures. This eliminates the risk of communication gap.

Distributed computing is a sort of Internet-based registering that gives shared PC handling assets and information to PCs and different gadgets on request. It is a model for empowering universal, on-request access to a mutual pool of configurable figuring assets like PC systems, servers, stockpiling, applications and administrations, which can be quickly provisioned and discharged with insignificant administration exertion. Distributed computing and capacity arrangements furnish clients and ventures with different abilities to store and process their information in either exclusive, or outsider server farms that might be situated a long way from the user–ranging in separation from over a city to over the world.

Cloud storage also simultaneously reduces the high operating cost that is involved in the data warehouses on the premises. Another benefit of using cloud computing is no risk of physical backup damage. Last but not the least; there is no need to update the cloud services, as they are maintained directly by the service provider.

Make Them Smarter with Their Own Smartphones

Most mobile workers use laptops and tablets. However, how about inspiring them to use a smartphone for making as well as attending timely calls? Obviously, it is not always feasible or efficient to use headphones and make a Hangout or Skype call from the laptop or tablet while working on the field. This is when a smaller phone can prove to be handy.

Most of them might be using these devices for personal use. In that case, you can ask them to carry their smartphone and a safety-enabled laptop given by the company. From this laptop, they can safely access data and even use company-specific apps.

Similarly, from the smartphone, they can collaborate quickly and easily through conference calls or WhatsApp / Skype video calling. There is no need to give them training on how to operate these devices, as they have used them personally.

Consider Using a Reliable Workforce Management Tool

A field service or mobile workforce management tool directly contributes to the success of your business. This is because it helps in optimizing the productivity of remote or mobile personnel by creating a schedule that maximizes their potential to deliver on time. It allows making the most competent course of action for each worker per day.

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