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Big Data In Practice: From Buzz Word To Business Benefits

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Big data has been talked about for a long time. It was always the next big thing and we would so often read about how it was going to completely transform how people do business and improve efficiency at all levels of the company. However, we have heard less about the actual results of big data policies and this infographic from Colourfast gives us some great information on how successful companies have been with big data initiatives to date.

Big Data

The Business Application Research Center did a great analysis of big data initiatives in some of the biggest companies in the world. They discovered that implementation of big data wasn’t always straight forward and that there are many obstacles along the way. It turns out that lack of analytic know how and issues surrounding data privacy are proving to be the biggest issues.

So, while big data can have some fantastic benefits, it is often the case that the staff with the required skillset to implement big data infinitives effectively just aren’t there.

It also seems that for big data initiatives to be successful, senior management needs to be the primary driver. This does make sense as it’s hard to imagine that big data initiatives would be successful without it coming from the top down. If the owner of the company isn’t interested how can you expect an employee to be interested?

If your company is looking to implement big data initiatives, great care is needed. You can either train your current staff or hire new staff. If you don’t have the required skillset in your company, there isn’t much point of trying implement big data initiatives. Hire the required staff before making big mistakes during implementation.

Also, it’s vital that you handpick staff at all levels of the business to monitor how big data is used. It isn’t just as simple as the CEO of a company telling everyone about big data and you must have senior management in charge across department to guarantee everyone is on the same page. Find out more great information about big data in the real world in the infographic.

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