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How To Get Apple To Replace Your iPhone?

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Apple’s iPhones have come of age in almost all departments. Despite weak sales, the iPhone has become synonymous with quality, durability, and reliability. Gone are the days your dropped iPhone would end up suffering damages. At times, the damage to the phone was so bad; it was barely usable. This was the case particularly with new iPhones as any damage to them meant that they dearly needed replacement. Today, iPhones are fast becoming more reliable than ever. With state of the art materials, splash and water resistance, damaging these phones is not secure. Still, a bad drop or a tumble of the stairs can damage the screen or body. Either way, having an iPhone at your disposal means that your phone is less likely to suffer from mishaps, but the chances of ending up in one are there. Here is more on how to get into the iPhone replacement program in case of an accident:


Replacing A Broken Phone Is Difficult

Unless your iPhone bent while in your pocket, having a free replacement for a damaged phone is not easy. Realistically, it doesn’t sound appropriate to have a broken phone replaced when you had a hand in damaging it. But, since there are multiple types of phone damages including mishaps and accidental ones, and some are covered under your phone’s limited warranty, you expect the company to replace your phone.

Another reason why people expect the Apple to replace their damaged phones is that they’ve spent so much in buying the phone that they start to believe they’ve earned the right to have a replacement by default. Ironically, that’s not how any phone maker operate. Companies follow certain rules and compensating users against them would be inappropriate and unfair to other users. Still, Apple takes great care of her customers and has a complete attention and protection program in place. Under the AppleCare Protection program, you can have your phone replaced or repaired, depending upon its condition, insurance coverage, etc.

The Warranty

Before you go and ask for a replacement for your damaged phone, you need to look into the warranty of your phone closely. A lot of people don’t have an iota of information about the terms and conditions covered in the warranty claim, and yet, they end up claiming warranty. The warranty is a conditional promise that your phone manufacturer firmly stands by to win your trust. Your iPhone’s warranty maintains that if the phone or its accessories are found to contain any damages, defects in materials or artistry while underused frequently, the phone will be replaced provided the one year warranty period is not expired.

Keep an eye on the published guidelines as you’ll find all the necessary information in that document. The warranty document includes conditions as to when the warranty is applicable. If your phone suffered accidental damage, disassembled, modifications or examined by an unauthorized repair service, or the liquid contact indicator got triggered, the warranty shall be considered void.

At the same time, Apple clearly states that components that are consumed over time including same battery, display, and protective coatings are not included in the warranty. However, if the device is found to have manufacturing defects due to workmanship or use of poor quality materials, the company will be liable to repair or replace the handset.

Unlike most smartphone manufacturers, the Apple also provides services to Out of Warranty Sets (OOW). If your set falls under this category but has not extensive damage, you can benefit from Apple care center and have it repaired for a little sum of around $70 or less, depending on the damage. However, the OOW program neither covers extensively damaged phones nor provides phone replacements.

Replacing Your Under Warranty Phone

Firstly, make sure that you’ve read all the terms and conditions of the warranty contract. This will save you from any embarrassments later. Ensure that your phone is not damaged or lost the liquid contact indicator. Keep all the papers and documents, warranty card, date of purchase, etc. with you to avoid any confusions later. Book an appointment at your nearest AppleCare store and reach the premises on time. There have been cases where warranty claimers reached late at the premises and had to visit another day due to rush. To make it even easier, just download the Apple app form the iTunes and mark your appointment through it. On the app, you can enter the date, time, month and other necessary details in the app so that you don’t end up in mingling things.

Phone Replacement is No Fuss Affair

Surprisingly, having a replacement for your phone is a pretty straightforward affair. Just keep one thing in mind, you need to keep the documents, and the phone shouldn’t have suffered any of the damages mentioned above. There can be several problems with your phone. If the battery is draining too fast out of the box, Apple has an accessory repair plan in place. This stipulation shall be applied to batteries that drop down to 50% or more without the phone being excessively used. The same program is extended to iPhone users whose phones are now OOW. In this case, you’ll be charged around $60 for a replacement battery. To ensure that your phone’s new battery lasts longer, turn off all background applications. Similarly, if you want to have a replacement for your phone, the phone will be examined by technicians and will go through various tests. Keep in mind that after all the trials, you have the option to apply for phone replacement provided it is under warranty and has not suffered any accidental or significant damages.

You can also take part in Apple’s repair and product replacement program. The program was initiated when the company acknowledged that some iPhone 6 handsets suffered auto shutdown issues. Another common issue surfaced was called the touch disease. Here, the phone would either not take the touch command or register multiple commands for a single touch. Other issues included battery exhaustion and phone unable to recharge despite connected to a charger.

Since then, the program has been extended to newer models of iPhones including the iPhone 7 and versions.

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