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The Growing Importance of Smartphones For Your Travels

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If devices were to be judged or classified on the basis of its usage, the smartphone, today, seems less like a phone and more of a pervasive instrument aiding a man in his way through life, making his life more technology dependent than ever. According to, even in the field of travel, smartphones are making their presence felt in a big way, making the whole traveling experience easier and more reliable for the travelers.

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With a plethora of apps available for various aspects related to travel, a smartphone, among other things, can be used for making tickets online to booking hotel rooms to booking a taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. A smartphone comes in handy for travelers on any matter or issue with a possible role for the internet. We can illustrate the use of smartphones while traveling through a few examples below:

1)Once the plane tickets are booked online, depending on the airlines company, boarding pass can now be carried on the smartphone, which can then be printed at the airport. Judging by the pace at which the industry is embracing new technology, this feature may soon become an established practice in most, if not all, airports.

2) Window seat, or for that matter, any seat preference, can be made via a seat reservation app. Based on one’s choice, the app helps passengers choose a seat they want.

3) Upon landing, a traveler can book a taxi with a with mobile apps developed by Uber or other similar service providers. Further, with a competitive online fare structure, the risk of being duped by local taxi drivers, gets minimized in the process. The smartphone enabled taxi would then take the traveler to a hotel, already booked through the smartphone.

4) For travelers who might feel the need for a wake up call in their hotel rooms due to jet lag, or even otherwise, an app like Wakie, with reportedly more than a million users, can get you a wake up phone call from its app users in the morning.

5) With modern tools such as online maps and GPS embedded in these devices, a smartphone would help any person who might be feel lost in a new place on his own whereabouts. A smartphone enthusiast, can potentially travel the whole world without seeking help from any tour operator in the place he is.

Unlike in the olden days, where a travel plan needed prior elaborate arrangements and a fixed itinerary; with smartphones, people can be far more flexible with their schedules and plans, varying their travel arrangements as they go.

This is particularly important for foreign tourists on trips to far off countries, where real time news can help them plan a visit at the appropriate time to the tourist spots of significance. For instance, it is not just an optional advantage for tourists to know if a famous monument like the “Bantayogni Jose Rizal”is closed on a certain day on account of foreign dignitary visit to the place (which does happen), hence knowing this beforehand can save the travelers a fair bit of time and effort while scheduling that visit.

While, the smartphone impact on the aspect of actual travel is well noted, it has also helped the tourists in distant places stay in touch with their family, friends or even work. With plenty of smartphone apps catering to the communication needs and demands of people, a person may have left his home country to be on the other side of the globe, but the travel update one posts is as quickly visible to his family back home as it is to someone else in the planet using the same smartphone app. You never go out of reach as a traveler with a working smartphone by your side.

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