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How to Improve the Range of Your Wireless Internet

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Whether you’re at home or at work, a strong and far wireless signal is important for maintaining a WiFi connection. If you’re doing work or enjoying entertainment, you need a strong internet connection. If your connection has been causing you issues lately, try these tips to get more out of your router:

Keep Your Router Updated

Wireless RouterCompanies will release firmware updates that improve the performance of your routers and fix any bugs or problems with how they operate. If you’re experiencing a recurring problem with your router’s performance, check to see that you have the most updated version of firmware on your router. This will make sure that you can get the best performance out of your router and that your wireless connection will be at the best it can be.

Move Your Router!

In many cases, the reason your router isn’t giving off the best signal isn’t because of the router itself; it’s because of where you put it. Your wireless router needs to be in an open, central location so that it an effectively emit a signal throughout your entire home. Objects in the way will block and interrupt the signal, so it’s a bad idea to hide it behind objects or in corners.

The best way to get a strong, even, and wide-reaching signal is to place the router in a central location in the home (the main floor is a good choice). Despite how ugly it is, you also don’t want to hide it, as this can disrupt and block the signal, decreasing the strength and distance your wireless signal can work.

Change the Frequency

If you have multiple devices running on the same frequency, this can interfere with your wireless connection. Choosing a frequency that is less often used in your home can help increase the output of your router and make the signal stronger and reach farther. Often, routers will be set to the 2.4GHz band, but you can switch it to the 5GHz if your device has this option.

Get a WiFi Extender

If you’re still experiencing problems with the range of your WiFi network, a WiFi extender may be a good choice. These work by catching the wireless signal your router emits and rebroadcasting it. This allows you to expand the reach of the wireless signal by at least twice as much. More than just extending the range, you can use this to increase the connection strength where you often have a weaker connection.

To choose the best product and ofter the strongest connection and largest range, WiFi extender central has a wide selection of WiFi range extenders. They feature information, products, and reviews so that you can make the best purchases when looking to extend the range of your wireless internet.

Upgrade Your Router

If none of the other options gave you the results you were looking for, you may need to update your router. Getting the newest technology will ensure that your router can output the best signal, offering the strongest connection and longest range possible. While the other suggestions can improve your connection, they are limited by the actual quality and performance of your router. If your router is truly outdated, the other solutions will only help so much.

It’s still a good idea to try the suggestions above before purchasing a new router, as they aren’t cheap. This will be the most expensive solution to your problem. So finding a less expensive – and simpler – solution is your best bet. There’s nothing to lose so try those first before you purchase a new device.

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