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Signs And Indications Of Being In Technical Debt

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Just like any risk, it is good until that time till when it can be managed and the same applies to technical debt as well. But what are the signs that would let you know whether your project is having technical debt or not? Well, tech debt is a very controversial matter as from the management’s perspective it never received any consideration and has always been the concern of the developers of the project. In fact, any company with a software development unit should take tech debt with seriousness and address it as and when it requires so that it never reaches unmanageable heights and strangulate your company on the whole.

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Consequence Of Pressure

Technical debt is usually the consequences of the pressure created on the developers by the owners of the project. They are subject to the pressure of meeting the deadline, producing the required quality with the best product in the market. To meet with such undue and unreasonable demands, developers at times have to cut corners to deliver the product on time leaving open wounds, make some compromises with the code lines and thereby reducing the quality of the code. Such inferior codes which are especially designed by the engineers to cater to the short time needs and lead to harm the long term ontogenesis of the code is called tech debt.

From Managerial Standpoint

From the managerial point of view, technical debt is not considered as a debt but merely a tool to increase the cost or schedule of development with respect to the current development programs and their different outcomes. They seem to not understand that there is always a certain amount of risk involved with any decisions taken or any code written for delivering functionality and performance. Otherwise, codes would have been created at random and none of it would have remained compatible. Therefore, from qualitative level, tech debt is well apprehensible but it is also necessary to quantify it in order to address it properly.

Estimating The Accuracy

Estimating the accuracy is one of the indicators to quantify technical debt present in a code and this helps in debugging the lines of the code. Check online to learn more about debugging. If there were no such debt then developers would have accurately determined the time required to create a code. But such estimation cannot be done as tech debt exists and with the help of expertise in the domain of the project, better use of tools and framework, prediction of others ability makes it even better and precise. In case the opposite happens that means the system is out of control and the loss of accuracy can tell you about the accumulated amount of tech debt.

Use Of Internal Metrics

Different tools and metrics are used for measurement and developers love them and build newer and better tools to check the codes like the Health tool which is used to track the ability of a current code to pass the tests. Such tools can show red status throughout the period the code does not pass the health test indicating that your code has not been providing the required result for that specific period.

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