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Treat Your Tech Debt Just Like Your Financial Debt

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You should not ignore your tech debt just like you should not ignore your financial debt. With active refactoring and rewiring of the codes, you can manage your tech debt with a little diligence and time. If you do not then the system will be difficult to maintain as there will be too many dependencies of one class on another. When such a change or refactoring is being made then you should also understand the effect of it on any other associated class dependencies. It all deals on how the code was architected and also the designing principle of it.

Tech Debt

Discuss The Complexity

You should discuss about the complexity of the code with your team of developers, users as well as the stakeholders. It is very easy to draw a design on the whiteboard but it is all the more difficult and complex to bring it into effect. Such complexities must be eliminated at the start so that you can build a code which is extensible, functional and highly maintainable as well. You will not require much time in refactoring of identifying the bug in the code this way and therefore save a lot of time and money in the process.

Architecture Are Brittle

Proper care should be given to the architecture of the code as well because it is as brittle as the code itself. When it so happens it becomes unstable and is unable to meet with all the requirements and needs of the solution. When a code is designed keeping in mind certain amount of load it can take but when it is found in the later stages that more than three times the load is being carried by it, it is bound to fail. You may need asynchronous communications now instead of synchronous solutions like before. Such changes and amendments have to be made on and on to keep a code perfectly functional according to the need and circumstances.

Build A Common Viewpoint

You have to build a common viewpoint with your development team, the stakeholders and you as well. The terms you should discuss and try to arrive at an amicable solution must include but not limit to quality of the code and its complexity, architectural and structural design, ways to identify and fix the bugs quickly and following of preventive measures in the future. It is best to implement codes with the simplest of designs. This will help you to avoid any architectural debt due to the smaller and granular service which will satisfy limited requirement at any time. Click here to learn more about code designing.

Problems Of The Past

In most cases, current development teams have to deal with the problematic codes which may not be designed by them and therefore, dealing with such problems of the past becomes all the more difficult. Such problems are also varied like scalability, performance, production outage and much more. Such problems need extra time, care and effort to deal with effectively to make the code perfectly functional again. Therefore, regular refactoring and testing of codes can help major problems in the future.  

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