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7 big tech trends to watch in 2017

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Year 2016 was full of some big technical changes and events some of them are launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, emerging of Facebook as global power, Introduction of virtual reality. Now in 2017 we are looking forward to observe some major tech changes in the world of technology. So, get ready to fly high in the aircraft of technology in 2017. Here are some major technical innovations you will find in 2017 or already launched in 2017.

Technology Trends for 2017

  1. An update to be lunched for windows 10: Leading OS manufacturer Microsoft to launch an update for its OS Windows 10 which is not going to be a normal update. Microsoft corporation going to add some exciting features which help you to sync with the latest technology such as 3D Printing, innovations in gaming and browsing features. Update is to be rolled in the first half of April.
  2. Launch of google home in UK: With the time, smart home technology is making its way to our bedrooms and living rooms. In the month of April Google has announced that Google home their smart assistant will now be available in UK and soon will be available in US. The product will help customer to connect devices at their home with a voice assistant and can control electronic devices with voice commands which turns your normal home to a smart home.
  3. Increase in the use of cloud computing: Cloud computing is already taking large part in the world of technology. With high speed uploading and downloading in future instead of depending on hard drives we will be more dependent on cloud storage because it is a safe and flexible way to store the data. Cloud drives were already available on smartphones but in the coming time you will see increase in the users of cloud storage.
  4. Checkout less stores: Amazon is working to open checkout less stores. This is the future of retail. In these stores, you just need to punch your mobile while entering the store after that you can just pick up the things you would like to buy and the amount will automatically be deducted for the things you have bought. Whenever you lift anything it automatically get added to your bill and when you keep it back then it gets excluded from the bill. The technology use face detection and NFC in the process.
  5. Release of Samsung Galaxy S8: One of the biggest tech news for the month was launch of Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung has finally reviled cards for its new high end phone which is Galaxy S8. The gadget is already loaded with big screen and high speed wireless connectivity. Phone also has edge notification technology. This smartphone is loaded with 4 Gb ram and other high end hardware which makes it more productive and fast. It will not stop here we can also expect Apple to present a revolutionary phone this year because it is 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone.
  6. A new series in Notebooks and tablets: Microsoft surface pro 5 Which is a Notebook by Microsoft is expected to be launched in the spring of 2017. Microsoft did not have that good experience with its previous surface launches this time high end hardware and intense use of technology is expected out of the device. Not only this Apple is also expected to bring some revolutionary changes to its iPads. It’s been a long-time apple have played with the iPads so with launch of upcoming anniversary addition phones you can also expect some big changes in iPads.
  7. Roof solar tiles from tesla will be available for sale: Tesla which was in news for its premium luxury electric cars will launch solar tiles. These tiles will look like normal tiles but they are solar panel. Tiles will be sleek enough to fit your roof. Mostly tiles will have 3 layers the top most layer will be the tempered glass which will make id durable then it comes solar cell and the inner most layer will be for color and texture of the tiles.

Apart from these 7 you may get many tech surprises in 2017. The decade is already full of technical revolution around us. Let us wait and watch what tech Santa will bring in his bag for us in 2017.

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