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Employee Monitoring Software Kickidler Simplifies Staff Control and Tracking

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TeleLinkSoft releases a new version of Kickidler, an employee monitoring software and time tracking solution. Monitoring helps significantly improve efficiency of the business thanks to increase of employee productivity, revealing of outsiders among the personnel and remote control system capabilities.

Employee Monitoring

The new version of Kickidler enhances operation of the unique tool – the Quad splitter. Unlike competing solutions, the Quad splitter allows for online surveillance not over just one employee but over the entire company regardless of the actual number of computers. The Quad splitter resembles typical professional CCTV systems. A supervisor’s monitor displays a grid of desktop screens of employees’ computers. The layout of the grid is customizable: particular screens can be zoomed in to allow for detailed monitoring over a specific person.

If an employee’s activity is determined as productive, his or her cell in the grid on the supervisor monitor has a green border. If an employee is engaged in personal affairs, playing games or watching videos, the border is red. If a computer is inactive, the absence time of an employee is displayed.

The system can not only monitor employee activity, but also track their working time and measure productivity. Kickidler displays websites an employee visits most often, what applications he or she uses, and what the given specialist actually does on his or her computer. Provided reports show how much time an employee spends on assigned duties and on personal affairs.

All violations of an employee such as seeking for job offers, sending out confidential information or watching movies are displayed on the violation histogram. A supervisor can select a certain time period and watch a video of an employee’s activity on his or her PC. Thanks to the special video encoding format developed by the company, Kickidler can record video of employee activity for the entire time of their work.

Another important function of Kickidler is remote control of a PC. A few clicks of the mouse connect a supervisor to any employee’s PC to perform certain actions in parallel with a specialist and even without him or her. This allows to promptly fix malfunctions on employees’ computers as well as to install recent updates or modify settings of the OS and applications.

The Kickidler system provides efficient solutions not only for businesses, but also for security and IT departments of companies, for managing KPI of employees, for monitoring computer classes, and for free monitoring. Kickidler is also useful for parents as it helps find out how much time a child spends on the computer, what websites he or she visits, and who he or she chats with.

Pricing and availability

Kickidler is a cross-platform application working on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Prices start from $8 per month for full control of one employee. Cost-effective annual and lifetime licenses are also available.


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TeleLinkSoft develops Kickidler, a monitoring system to make sure employees are productive and dedicated to work, since 2014. Now company has many clients in US, LATAM, Brazil and Europe.


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