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A Quick Guide to Web Hosting Security

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Security in the digital age is so important that it can’t be ignored. Your website, whether it is a small personal one or a commercial one, has to be protected. Having good website security is probably one of the most crucial parts of your site. If you haven’t made the security of your site a priority, it is high time you did. Without proper security, your site could have a huge vulnerability to hacking and data extraction for malicious purposes. If you use your site for business, you could find that your records are being stolen and used to make your business lose more money than it makes. Knowing the basics of website security is one of the first and best steps you can take towards securing your site today.

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You Need Security Now More than Ever

Today, the internet has become a place anyone can access. Because of this, it has also quickly become the best place for many hundreds of companies to conduct their business. With this rise in transactions online, people have also begun to come up with malicious ways to get into these transactions for their personal gain. If your system has a vulnerability, it will be exploited at some point in its lifetime. This is a fact, and the only thing you can do about it is use as much security as you can when you’re getting your site hosted.

Who is Trying to Destroy Your Site?

Hackers are the main cause of concern for web hosting companies around the world. There are two types of people who will try and gain access to your site to bring it to ruin. Now, you won’t always find that they are in it for personal gain. They still try and rip your business away from you, though, which is why you have to figure out a way to defend against them. The most common type of hacker is the one who tries to actively steal information from your site in order to use it to gain for themselves. These stealthy criminals try to leave no trace when they steal the information, instead choosing to siphon it off over extended periods of time.

Another type of hacker is one that is far less scary in terms of a breach of privacy. Instead, you need to worry about losing business because your site will always be down. They will focus solely on reducing your site’s integrity to dust. The site will constantly be going down for maintenance, or even post malicious messages on the home page because of their interference. This group of hackers doesn’t usually target small businesses because they have bigger fish to fry.

What Features Should a Web Host Have to Boost Your Security?

There are some technological security features available to web hosting services. These allow them to improve the security of your website when they host it. One good example is the SFTP or the Secure File Transfer Protocol. It ensures that your files won’t be intercepted by a third party when you’re uploading data to your site. SSL encryption is also important, as it makes the connection between your browser and your server secure.

One other form of security that should be offered by the web hosting service is regular backups. Backing data up is probably the best way to quickly bring your site back to working condition in the event of an attack by an unknown hacker. With regular backups on your hosting service’s cloud storage option (if they have one) you won’t have to worry about losing your entire site and starting from scratch again.

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