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Quick Tips to Help Speed up WordPress Websites

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WordPress is the most amazing content management system available today. No technical skills or experience is needed for you to manage your website. However, the platform can be very slow if you don’t optimize it properly. The purpose of this guide is to educate you on the crucial things you should do to speed up your WordPress website even when using cloud hosting.

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Use a solid framework

Behind every WordPress website is a framework or theme. The framework/theme is made up of codes. This means if it is not properly coded, it can bloat your website. You have to pick a theme with care, especially if you will be doing online marketing. If you are just starting up, it is wise to use the default WordPress themes like Twenty Fifteen. These themes are not only stable but also fast because of their being lightweight. When choosing a theme from the marketplace, it is not all about picking the most remarkable one, but choosing one from a reputable developer. Considering your main concern in online marketing is speed, focus more on lightweight themes.

Make use of caching

Caching helps store some of your pages and posts as static files. These files are then served to your visitors faster, reducing the processing load on the server. There are many WordPress plugins you can use for this. You can also implement browser caching and server-side caching.

Optimize your database

Another important thing you have to do is to optimize your WordPress database. This is the soul of your website. If the database is disorganized, chances are it will bloat your website. Some of the things you should consider doing when optimizing your database include disabling and limiting WordPress post revisions, deleting old revisions, removing old plugins, and making sure everything is properly indexed. You can also turn to tools like Salesforce DX to make your work easier in database management.

Reduce the number of plugins

The number of plugins you have on your website will have a significant impact on your website’s load speed. More often than not, to save time during development and marketing, most developers choose to use plugins. What they forget is that all the plugins on your website will have to be called up when a page is loading. The more plugins you have, the longer it will take for the page to load up. It is imperative that you only install relevant plugins. You must also delete the unused plugins.

Optimize images and videos

Images and videos are crucial in marketing. However, if used badly, they will impact the load speed. When there are too many images on a page, it is obvious that the page will take longer to load up. All the images need to be optimized. You should also specify the dimensions of your images.

Pick a reliable web host

Last but not least, you need to pick a cloud hosting service with care. Not every service provider out there that promises the best services in web hosting will deliver on his promise. Pick a web host who has a good reputation and one that has the resources needed to handle your website needs.

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