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Search Engine Optimization – The Genie of Online Marketing

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In the current settings of business world, online presence of a company is indispensable factor to ensure progress and profit optimization for the company. Online marketing has thus become a major wing of companies around the globe. Companies from public and private sectors, irrespective of their team size are indulging a significant fraction of their investment in preparing online marketing prospects and profiles for the company itself. One of the important tools that these online marketing sections of the companies across the globe are currently working on is search engine optimization (SEO).


What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the set of strategies and tactics that are incorporated to ensure that the company’s website witnesses a hike in number of visitors. In the modern technological terminology, SEO is the online pass generated for a company by its marketing officials and technological experts to raise it on the trending chart on the web portals such as search engines and social networking sites. The websites which come on the top of the search results in the search engine browsing page are thus strategically placed there with SEO and thus has high ranks on the search engine result page. The subset of SEO strategies that ensures an increase in audience of the website is known as white hat SEO as this set of strategies not only focuses on SEO optimization but also abides by search engine result page regulations and relevance. These strategies are common practices that include linking the webpage to the search engine using relevant contextual content and keywords, and back linking, etc. White hat SEO is also known as ethical SEO.

What are the current strategies effective in optimal SEO?

The common strategy that are followed by all the online marketing experts to enable search engine optimization for their company’s official website is to search the trending topics on the SEO list and use the highest ranking keywords in the website content. But this strategy is now backfiring as with technological advancement, the search engines are also being updated every minute and can now detect the forced online presence by the web portals on the search engine result page.

So a less common yet current strategy that is embraced by new age SEO experts is to find out SEO topics with lower ranks on the trending list. Lower ranks ensures that the number of web content competing for that topic is in a limited number and thus can lead you to the top of the search list much more conveniently instead of high ranked SEO topics.

SEO trends in recent years

  • In the years 2016 and 2015 there has been some common SEO trends that’s has been noted by the marketing officials. According to these online marketing reports, the content trending on the social media portals will also rank higher on the search engine portals. This means if your business is trending on social media, it will most definitely trend on search engine result page too.
  • The web audience is spending more time and investing deeper interest in the video content on the web portals. And so the search engine results often include the video associated results on the top ranks. So video marketing is a swifter route to SEO trends for your company.
  • Audience prefers to browse and search for their relevant topic of research even when they are away from their desktop and one way to do this is by being able to check the web portals from their mobile and other electronic device other than desktops and laptops. SEO experts are thus focusing more on mobile site optimization.
  • Features like Voice search, Local SEO search along with content aggregation are other trends that are raising the online markets for the companies around the world.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. In developing countries like South Africa, online marketing is booming at greater folds than the rest of the world. In Cape Town, SEO specialists and experts are earning huge and more and more people are coming in this field every year.

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