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Bad Impressions A Good Business Can Make

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If things were fair, then the only thing that would matter about your business would be how good you were at providing the services that you offer or the products that you make. That would be the sum total by which people would evaluate you.

Sadly, that’s rarely the case. It should be, but the truth is that people tend to make judgements based on a number of factors. While some of those factors are undoubtedly to do with how your business operates and how good you are, those aren’t the sum total of the areas that people look at.

There are ways a good, solid, reliable business can actually give a bad impression to potential customers. So pushing aside the fact that it’s sad that these things matter, sometimes, all you can do is try and address the fact that they do. Give in and go with it – or your business might suffer.

If any of those on the forthcoming list sound familiar, then don’t worry, just rectify. There are always ways of improving the first impression you give a potential client; you just need to know the areas you have to work on. So with no further waiting…

1. Cell Phone Numbers As Primary Contact Details

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41% of households no longer have a landline, so you would think that we’re all getting used to the fact that it’s a dying technology. Given how easy cell phones make life, it’s understandable if you have made the decision to abandon the office line and just stick with your phone.

The only problem is… customers don’t like it. There is something that seems more serious about a business that has a landline, rather than a cell phone number that anyone can pick up. It’s irrational, but it’s true.

Is it worth getting a landline installed for this reason alone? That’s up to you, and to an extent, it depends on your industry. If you’re in a trade, for example, customers will be accustomed to the fact that you’re on the move a lot, so it’ll make sense to them if you only list a cell phone. If you’re in PR or consultancy (which are primarily office based), they might think differently.

2. You Work From A Residential Address

Many businesses operate from a residential address, but again, though it’s popular it’s not something that customers are used to. This works on much the same principle as the phone number issue. You can be the most reliable business in the world, but people want to feel that they have solid methods of contacting you – and somehow, a residential address just doesn’t quite cut it.

To rectify this, you can look into a postal box or a US business address service that can provide an address people will feel more comfortable using. Not only will it solve that dilemma, it might just make you look even more professional to those the issue wouldn’t have bothered in the first instance.
3. Poor Dress Codes

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Whether you have an office or are just attending a meeting, abandoning general style rules for business appropriate attire will rarely be met with a positive reception. Some businesses might have a dress down day, but generally, it’s always best to dress in a smart-casual style. Even if it’s just for a quick coffee with a client; keep it professional, or risk being judged for it.

4. Using Generic Email Addresses

Onto a more modern form of communication: email. The simple fact is that ‘’ just isn’t going to cut it. It’s a poor impression to use a free service when it’s relatively simple to setup your own domain with its own email. Some might assume you’re lazy, or behind on technology. Of course, you can still use Gmail or other email clients to view emails sent to your professional email address, but no one has to know about it.

5. Poor Web Design

You probably don’t need to be told that you need a business website, but that doesn’t mean you can throw anything up and be done with it. Your website has to look good, it has to be informative, and you can’t afford for it to be generic. There are many business templates online that multiple companies use for the sake of ease, but these have a tendency to reflect badly on the companies that use them. Think about it: would you hire a company who did the easiest thing possible? Or would you look for someone who had attempted to create something unique? Always keep in mind the impression you give a customer.

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