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How Tech Tools Are Transforming Our Office Life

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While developers endeavor to enhance their collaborative work by learning how to deploy ASP.NET Core to IIS and by using some other sophisticated platforms, the rest of the people working in their respective offices are looking for ways to improve their workflow in a similar way. This means there are a lot of teams who are also shifting to a more sophisticated collaborative system of work.

Tech Tools

In the past, collaboration was simply done through meetings and face-to-face communication. In the advent of the internet, there are a lot newer options to do so. Nowadays, there exist various types of software programs, web-based applications, and cloud-based technologies that offer useful features than can make them work as a team more efficiently than ever before.

The Rise Of Virtual Teams

Gone are the days that office work is done only in the office; these days, you can work at home or at your favorite coffee shop near you. This is now possible with the help of collaboration tools that can connect remote staff. Such tools are designed to create a virtual office where team members working for a particular project can work together despite the distance.

Even staff who are in a particular office, for example, when you work with Clockers ERP software development experts in the UK, can become virtual teams simply by using some collaboration tools. For instance, some few and selected people from every department can be assigned to constantly work together without leaving their cubicles.

Popular Collaboration Tools

To better understand what collaboration tools do and why they become very useful it’s important to identify which specific applications are being referred to. Below are some of the most popular collaboration tools that have changed the way we work in our office:

  1. Skype

Skype is a basic tool that is being used not only by virtual teams around the world but also by many companies in their respective office locations. It’s very popular as a messaging platform, but it has other features that are quite useful such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing. Moreover, it is responsive, especially when your internet connection is fast.

  1. Dropbox

Baby boomers who are still working today may still remember the time when every document or file was kept in a centralized cabinet which office staff could open whenever they needed the document or file. Today, the same process is still being practiced not any more physically but digitally through Dropbox.

Dropbox is a cloud-based file sharing application, which you can also use to store files in the cloud. This means you can open files anywhere using any computer device.

  1. TeamViewer

This collaboration tool is commonly used by virtual teams composed of remote staff. This software platform connects two remote computer devices in order to allow access to each other. For instance, you need to arrange some files or folders in another computer, but you are unable to do so because of distance, you can connect it to the computer at your end, so you can control the remote computer.

  1. Google Drive

Nowadays, even big companies are using Google Drive. It works like Dropbox. The only difference is that it has its own proprietary word processor, spreadsheet, and calendar, which is perfect for efficient collaboration.

Final Thoughts

There are more tech tools out there which you can choose to use for your team. However, you should expect some newer tech tools that will further transform your office life in the years to come.

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