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How to Make Postcards with Your Own Design

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What is the reason of why people still use postcards? Why do not they use a card with “regular size” that can certainly accommodate more information? Postcards have many uses and do not just serve to convey messages to loved ones. Postcards are more intended to display pictures relating to activities that are being undertaken, especially in the holiday moment. The regular postcards contain interesting pictures of a tourist spot with short messages. This little card has many benefits that one of them is as an effective advertising medium. As an advertising medium, this small card is able to signify the sender as a tourist. As an advertising medium, this card can also be used for the purposes of political propaganda; we can see it in some countries like China and Cuba. There postcards are often used as propaganda media of socialism.

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Postcards have a very long history. Starting from Central Europe, precisely Austria, postcards then spread to other countries, especially the United States. In the early 1900s, postcards were very popular in the United States and since then, the wave of postcard spread around the world seemed unstoppable. In this digital age, the frequency of use of postcards has been reduced drastically. People tend to share their holiday moments through social media. With Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media platforms, we can share our holiday moments in just a fraction of a second. We also do not cost anything other than the cost of the Internet of course. However, postcards remain unforgettable. This little card still has advantages, especially for those who want to nostalgia with the past.

As an advertising medium, postcards can display interesting images that show your company’s image. When you use a postcard, then that’s when the quality or reputation of your company is tested. Any company that wants to promote the product through the use of postcards is advised to really pay attention to the quality of card materials used. The theme of the postcard used should be in accordance with what is sold. Many mistakes happen from scratch due to inappropriate theme selection. Just like other postal items, postcards have their own criteria; including thickness, size, and also “empty parts” where the recipient address and sender address are placed.

Postcards provide freedom in terms of design. If you want to use a postcard with your own design, then you can take any picture you want. You can select them on Google and start printing cards. The problem is most printing machines are expensive and not everyone can buy them. You can choose your own design but submit the work to a third party. Now is the era where you can get help online. You can search various postcard making services and choose one of them according to your budget and quality. Just type in some specific keywords, such as cheap post cards, cheap printing, cheap post cards print, you can get a list of the many printing services available. This is the power of the Internet!

Cheap does not always have low quality. You can get cheap printing service without negotiating your wishes. We have reviewed what is available on the market and we have come to the conclusion that cheap 55 printing is the best. The company is very experienced in almost all printing activities such as making postcards, leaflets, brochures, and also posters. What you need is the initial design although you can also use what they offer. With an affordable price, the company is able to compete in the middle of tight competition between printing services.

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