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Review on Folx 5: The New Download Manager for Mac

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Downloading is a grueling and tedious task. The worst part is managing the downloaded files. The download manager here comes to rescue. There are many download manager apps in the market. But the recently introduced new Folx 5downloader for Mac is really a good option. With a true Mac-style interface, it offers easy and quick downloads managing. It provides a flexible setting and has a unique system for segregating and storing the downloaded contents.

Folx 5

Experts also appreciated the new Folx app. Whitson Gordon, writer and editor at Lifehacker, stated, “What’s especially awesome about Folx is that it acts as a download manager for your browser, too — just like adding torrents, all you need to do is double-click on any link in your browser and Folx will start downloading the linked file using all of the aforementioned settings, like file organizing. Folx offers almost all of Transmission’s features, but adds quick torrent adding and a download manager for your browser.”

Folx 5downloader is truly a game changer for all Mac users. You can manage your downloaded files and content conveniently now with this app. Just keep downloading and leave the management part to Folx 5 app. It is equipped with all innovative features that you would imagine in a download manager app. Let’s have a glimpse of its functions and features.

Outstanding Features of Folx 5

Undoubtedly, the app offers some unique and striking features like no other. From easy downloading to managing content, it has taken care of everything.

  • It ensures fast downloading and can also split the download in to twenty threads that significantly increase the download speed.
  • Folx has a modern and advanced interface with Retina display support. Moreover, its unique sorting system ensure easy sorting of the download content with preview of the downloaded files.
  • You can have a total control over the downloading speed. You can control the speed either by manual adjustment or through automatic Folx control.
  • You can also schedule the download by selecting suitable starting time. The rest can be taken care by the Folx app like system shutdown, and switch to sleep mode.
  • The best part of Folx app is that it automatically sends the music and videos to the iTune playlists. Moreover, you can also set the format of the downloaded video. It also allows you to download age-restricted and private videos.

Other Important Features

Browser Friendly

Folx allows you to download files using any browsers. It supports browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

Download Torrent Files

You can even download torrent files with the app. It not only allows you to download torrent files but also builds new torrents for various trackers. It offers tagging feature that makes the searching task quicker and easier.

Download Magnet Links

Along with torrent files, you can also download files using magnet links. When using magnet links for file downloads, you don’t have to save a separate file before initiating the actual download. It even hides the fact that you are using P2P technology

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