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Software Review: Wave Accounting

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As small business owners, we know how expensive it can be to run a business, and these expenses are usually compounded by online software that we need to run our businesses. But more and more software companies are recognizing the importance of providing freemium options, if only to get users to try their systems and then opt in to the upgraded paid version later. One of the best freemium softwares on the market right now is the Wave Accounting system. This 100% free system can be used for the life of your business without you ever having to pay a dollar for it. That’s great, right? But else comes in this awesome software? Let’s have a look.

Wave Accounting

Track Expenses on the Go

One of the best features of Wave is the ability to connect your business bank account directly to the software – don’t worry, it’s super secure – and so you never have to manually track your income or expenses again. If you make it a point to always make purchases with your business credit card or debit card, all of your transactions will automatically be tracked in Wave. When you have a few spare minutes you can go through your transactions and categorize them and you’ll be ready to print your statements with very little effort.

Pay Your Employees

With a few simple steps and a few days for verification, you can pay your employees with direct deposit, and remit your payroll deductions automatically. And it costs less than it does to write one cheque. Writing cheques costs money so avoid unnecessary fees by paying your employees directly each and every time. They will appreciate the comfort of knowing they’ll be paid on time, and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to run your payroll.

Get Paid and Accept Credit Cards

If you run an online service business, or have a WordPress blog website, you can send invoices directly to your clients through Wave and accept credit cards. When you use the freemium model, the only cost you’ll incur is in the service fees associated with accepting credit cards online. Good news though, the fees are less than PayPal’s fees. More and more small business owners are using Wave to send invoices instead of PayPal.

Overall Thoughts

Sending invoices, tracking expenses, connecting to your bank account, accept credit cards, print financial sheets and more. Wave is one of the most affordable accounting software packages available on the web today. All of the features are available for free for a trial period, so you can decide if Wave is right for you. Because it’s a web-based platform, you can take your business on the road and still stay on track, keeping your business all in one convenient place. It’s hard to argue with the freemium models of many accounting software packages, but Wave brings with it a modern and easy to use feel. Even a beginner can get in there and find their way pretty easily. The step-by-step setup process is easy to follow and you can get the accounting side of your business up and running in no time!

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