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How Gamers Moved from Forums to Group Communication Apps

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For gamers, especially those who play MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games), teaming up with other players and keeping updated on latest game developments are important. These days, many of them rely on sophisticated group communication apps to do just this, but it hasn’t always been so.

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The Early Days of PC forums

Time used to be when PCs were the sole domain of online games, and gaming companies created online forums to provide a venue for players and enthusiasts to convene and create a sense of community. Gaming tricks and tips were also often revealed and shared on these forums.

However, the advent of smartphones and Internet data connectivity in recent years has given birth to the phenomenon of mobile-based game apps. Thus, this also necessitated a different kind of communication method among gamers.

Traditional forums are quite static, with lengthy posts and archived information that is difficult to reference. Conversations among members are limited to thread posts and private messages. Most importantly, mobile game players find it cumbersome or inconvenient to switch away from gaming mode just to access and log into such traditional forums.

Group Communication Apps

The answer lies in a group app for gamers that specifically caters to their modern communication needs. These group communication apps are an “all in one” solution that combines the best of different kinds of online communications, such as forums, social media, messaging and more.

The BAND group communication app, for instance, provides a chat function with chat rooms that can allow one-on-one conversation as well as large group exchanges. A convenient calendar function automatically notifies and alerts group members on important events or activities. Gamers particularly enjoy this feature because it enables them to join forces on particular game schedules.

Data and information such as photos and other types of files can be easily exchanged among members. Gamers use this functionality to apprise each other of game performance through screenshots.

Most importantly, gamers prefer using a group communication app because it allows and encourages interaction among different game groups or clans. A gaming group can adjust its settings to be searchable by other individuals and groups. This spells great convenience and advantage for gaming groups who seek to reinforce their numbers and enlist more players.

On the other hand, groups can also set their visibility to private in order not to be searchable. The actual identity of individual members can also remain private because they can retain their in game name (IGN) when participating in groups. It is this flexibility that gamers enjoy about this communication tool.    

Virtual Communities

Gamers have truly found a strong sense of belonging online through group communication apps. Such camaraderie is crucial for their performance, and although many of them have never even met physically, such as online virtual communities bring them together in an efficient and effective manner.

Whether it be Clash of Clans, DOTA, Counter Strike, League of Legends, Minecraft or any of the hottest new games out there that you are passionate about, expanding your gaming network and joining a community through the ease and convenience of a group communication app is definitely something you can do.

Just explore and have fun with the many new members and fellow gaming enthusiasts that you can meet, and see your game improve immensely with the new tips, strategies and enforcements that you can gain.

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