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PDF Password Locker and Remover Review

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In the digital era, when the security breach is so common with the viruses like ransomware, it is a very essential to secure your important PDF documents with passwords. It is estimated that companies experience a loss of around $1 billion and $200 billion every quarter due to economic espionage. Shocking isn’t it! It is even more shocking to know that it is very difficult to track the amount of data infringement in most of the attacks.

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Small or big, every company has to use and share PDF documents with confidential data either with clients or for in-house requirements. So, data protection is ardently required or it may endanger your company’s financial security or even pose a legal threat. Therefore, you should take all precautions to safeguard your confidential PDF documents. The PDF Password Locker and Remover is a very good solution to this problem. It not only helps you to protect and secure your PDFs, but also enables you to remove password from encrypted PDF files.


PDF Password Locker & Remover is an innovative software solution that helps users to secure the important PDF files and also to remove the password in case it is required. The software encompasses high encryption technology that helps the users to secure and encrypt the PDF files and even protect them from illegal access or intrusion. There is an option to choose eight permissions to remove the password. It is a highly secure PDF Password Locker and Remover which is a must have software for any organization. It supports high encryption level up to 128-bit and houses anti-copying technology that prevents content copy within the PDF. The best thing about the software is that it is available for free.

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Benefits of Using PDF Password Locker and Remover

Secure PDF Documents from theft: Now you don’t have to worry about the theft and illegal intrusion as the PDF Password Locker and Remover is here. You just need to download the software to lead a carefree life. You can establish a secure data viewer solution with the help of the software. This ensures that only the authorized users can use the PDF files.

Drag and drop: You can easily drag and drop multiple PDF files which is very helpful in file transferring. It saves lots of time and effort during working hours which can be utilized for doing other high priority work.

Remove Passwords: You are not only able to set a password, but also able to remove a password from the files whenever required. Moreover, there is a provision to remove both the owner and user password.

Anti-copying technology: The latest and intuitive anti-copying technology secures the content from copying to another destination.

Fast and Simple: The PDF Password Locker and Remover is quite fast and simple to use. You just need to click a few times to set any security. Using the software is effortlessly simple and straight. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to use the highly secured PDF Password Locker and Remover.

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