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How To Use Visual Content To Drive Results

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If you are thinking of starting a content marketing campaign, you should know just what will stimulate online engagement and growth. Content that is text-based is always an important part of marketing; however, to be unique in the digital age; visual content should play a vital role in the time and energy you invest.

Visual Content

Below are six kinds of visual content that will take your marketing campaign stand out: 

  1. Images 

When you use compelling images well in the content, people are more willing to finish reading your content (so long as the images are contextually relevant and good quality). It is believed that content with images gets 94 percent more views compared to those without images.

You should use images taken by you or original ones, since this gives your campaign a much-preferred personal touch. Appealing, good quality images usually take a lot of time to make or are costly to buy.

The good news is, with resources like Canva, it is possible to create fascinating, unique, images at no cost with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. On the other hand, there are a never-ending amount of top quality pictures on photo-sharing websites like Morguefile and Flickr.

  1. Videos

These are very great for displaying well-known issues and then showing the solutions, which your product can provide. Even though there are inexpensive kinds of visual content on the market, terrific video functions as extra thump for your campaign by showing that you are ready to go the extra mile for quality. One research revealed that conversion is increased by 86 percent when the landing page has a video.

There are many kinds of videos that can improve your company; you might look at testimonials from customers, animated explainer video, how-to videos or protests. A newly released study by Moz reveals that posts with videos get almost 300 percent more inbound links. Therefore, ensure that your video is of the highest quality since it can turn into the key portrayal of your brand in the digital world.

  1. Infographics

These are a great tool for drawing upon all of your complicated statistics and data and bringing it together into a persuasive, comprehensible visual display. Coupled with diligent promotional efforts (which include social media, networking with key influencers and landing page optimization), infographics can become an important part of your content marketing strategy.

To get the most of an infographic, you need to ensure that the design and layout is impressive and appealing. The developer should incorporate the right fonts, colors, and shapes to communicate your essential data. The information you decide to use in the infographic has to be contextually relevant and precise. At times, even the most seemingly dull statistics may be revived when presented as spectacular visualizations.

  1. Memes 

These are now commonly called images, which are coupled with hilarious captions. Memes symbolize a simple-to-make, unusual type of visual content.

Making your own meme is a superb approach to stir up positive thoughts and make you unique from your competitors. First of all, you need to find out if memes are right for your specific niche market and whether or not they are going to get actual engagement with your target audience.

If your brand is preferred by a younger demographic, you certainly have your answer! One more unique advantage of memes is that they let you generate inside jokes on your niche, which is a terrific way to amuse people and build traffic.

  1. Presentations

Regardless of what gadget your audience is using, a great SlideShare lets you inform and interact with them.

Lucien Joyce, the Lead Copywriter at Mammoth Infographics cites that presentations serve the same work to infographics, with a huge focus on appealing color and design, thus enticing the reader into the text. A presentation that is wonderfully created can be very good at keeping visitors to your site engaged with your content.

Since your presentation will probably have too much information, you need to remain consistent with things such as colors, fonts, and borders. As with infographics, be sure to keep your sources as trustworthy as possible (quote will help a lot).

  1. Screenshots

With this, you can give your audience a glance into the inner functions of your service or product. You can also show what functions and services you provide from a direct point of view, and you may even combine your screenshot with a testimonial or some marketing copy to enhance your trustworthiness.

Screenshots are extremely great for supporting the claims you make in your sales content. For instance, if you are marketing an app that can execute particular functions, a screenshot having a caption can be the visual confirmation your audience wants, so as to have confidence in your claims.

You can also annotate your screenshots if you want to give a more detailed explanation of what is happening in the background or emphasize a specific section of the image (like which button to click).

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