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6 Simple Machines That Made Our Lives Easier

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Our lives have been completely changed by the rise of technology. Everything from smartphones to our computers have seriously impacted our lives in both positive and negative ways. However, all in all, our technology has made our lives easier to live. Even besides our smartphones, there are super simple machines that have made our lives easy that have been around for hundreds of years. These machines are not in the digital space, but rather in the physical space. Keep reading down below to learn more about these machines and how they have impacted our lives.

Simple Machines

  1. Wheel & Axle

IF you think about the most important invention in the world, you will probably first think about the wheel. Thousands of years ago, the wheel was made as a way to make our machines more efficient. Everything from delivering seeds into the ground in fields to moving around stones to build pyramids was impacted by the development of the wheel.

However, the wheel was nothing compared to when you connected it with an axle. The wheel and axle combination made moving around objects so much more efficient and allowed for greater diversity in its applications. Try to think of a way that your life hasn’t been impacted by the wheel & axle and you will most likely come up short.

  1. Lever

One of the greatest inventions that mankind has ever created is the simple lever. This machine is known as something called a force multiplier, which basically means that with it, you are able to multiply the force you would normally generate by yourself. Levers have been used for centuries to pick up objects that would normally be way too heavy for you to pick up yourself. But with a force multiplier, this job becomes much easier.

  1. Inclined Plane

Now this next one is pretty simple, but has had huge implications on history. An inclined plane is basically a ramp – a flat surface that’s been raised to be at an angle. The steeper you have the ramp, the harder it is to pull up an object. However, when you have the plane at a low enough angle, but still high enough to actually be at an angle, this is going to make pulling up an object much easier.

  1. Pulley

If you want to pull something that’s way too heavy for you to do yourself, then all you have to do is attach a pulley to a beam above the weight. You are going to be pulling down on the rope, rather than up. This means that you’re going to be exerting less force to pull up the object and can then move it more easily.

  1. Screw

Everything from bench vices to lug nuts on automobile wheels have completely been impacted by the invention of the screw. Many devices are going to be using screws to exert force that’s a whole lot more than the force you have to exert to turn the screw.

  1. Wedge

When you think about a wedge, you should basically be thinking about a moving inclined plane that’s used to drive under a large object. When you do this, you are going to be making a small space underneath the object, where a small cart can be slid in to move it around, for example.

And there you have it! When you think about simple machines, these are the top ones that you’ve got to know about. Which ones do you use in your daily life or have you used before?

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. This is a technique they point out could even have helped the ancient Egyptians get enough force to make the pyramids!

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