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The Internet of Things is bigger than the Industrial Revolution – Its significance in our lives

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When some analysts discuss about the budding Internet of Things, they say that this is bigger than the Industrial Revolution. We will soon see a variety of so-called dumb gadgets become connected to the internet, thereby being able to send signals to each other and alerts on your phones to make you aware of some message. The way in which these objects will create heaps of ‘little data’ will surely amaze most users. When the crockpots and connected tennis rackets took the headlines, the Internet of Things got the center stage at CES. Here are few ways in which IoT will change the way we lead our lives.

Internet of Things

  • You will never miss an oil change
  • As more and more machines start speaking with each other and more machines integrate, you will never ever forget about an oil change for your car again. Your ‘smart’ car will be able to get in touch with your car mechanic when it’s time to take the car in for an oil change, when the pressure of a tire is low or when your car requires its yearly tune-up. The driver will receive real-time suggestions through his smartphone.
  • Your doctor’s appointment will be made through RX bottles that are connected
  • Whenever your prescription is low, an automatic appointment will be done with your physician through different RX bottles which stay connected. Doctors will be able to stay informed with when and how often their patients are taking their required medication. Patients who have ongoing health problems will be able to monitor their blood sugar levels and blood pressure remotely.
  • Consumption of energy will reduce automatically
  • Household appliances which consume high energy will adjust their consumption based on price signals in order to lower the electricity bill. Lighting and thermostats will trace human behavior and will choose the best settings as per your daily living requirements. Just before you return home, it will turn on the ideal temperature that you want and these gadgets will also be capable of sensing when no one is in the house. The respective gadget will be turned off to conserve energy.
  • You’ll know that real-time traffic conditions and driving will be much safer
  • Driving will get a new turn with Internet of Things and connected devices all around. Traffic lights can adjust to real-time traffic situations like an emergency. Based on accidents and weather conditions, road sensors will make automatic changes to the speed limit and unsafe conditions will be alerted directly to your dashboards.
  • Monitoring your baby’s activities and breathing will become easier
  • Through your smartphones, parents will easily be able to monitor the breathing, activities and body temperature of their infants. There will be connected onesies on their baby which will send a signal to the parent whenever there’s something that’s abnormal. Through this, the other infants in your home will also get the benefits of this kind of connectivity. There are pet monitoring systems too, through which you can monitor their activity and behavior.

    Now that you have so many benefits deriving from the smart devices, you also have to take into account the security for the Internet of Things. With such a wide variety of connected gadgets, what happens if you’re hit with a sudden virus attack from the internet? How will you fight against such malicious attacks? Security software will play a vital role in protecting the security of your gadgets and also your home. Once you install it, you could receive alerts about viruses on your smartphone so that you can kill them before these processes before they cause harm to your gadgets.

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