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M8 Releases the First Programmable Clipboard Manager for Windows

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M8 Software announce the addition of a full script language to their flagship product, the Spartan Clipboard Manager. This feature allows users to automate many tasks by programming multiple copy and paste sequences.

Clipboard Manager

Imagine: twenty items have to be copied from a list in a Word document and pasted to separate cells in Excel. That’s twenty copies and twenty pastes, changing from Word to Excel and back each time. With an ordinary clipboard manager, the twenty copies can be done first, and the twenty pastes later but the process still involves twenty copies and twenty pastes. With Spartan, all the items can be copied with one click and pasted with another.

As well as a clipboard manager, Spartan includes a year planner, a graphics editor and a picture browser. Clips which are Web addresses work as bookmarks, clips which are phone numbers will dial via a modem, clips which are files on the PC work as shortcuts to those files and users with more than one PC can synchronize their data via OneDrive.

Pricing and availability

Spartan is available for all versions of PC Windows. There are Standard, Portable and U3 Editions. A single copy costs $29.99 and site licenses cost $199.00


Download a complimentary copy of Spartan:
This includes the script to demonstrate the example above.

Video presentation and testimonials:

Official website:

About the company

M8 Software is based in Liverpool UK and has been developing quality software since 1983.

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