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Why Security over the Internet is No Laughing Matter – and What You can do to enhance it

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The Internet is a wonderful tool – it has allowed communications to broaden its scope and become more effective, it has been an invaluable medium for a whole range of businesses, and it is without a doubt the best medium for the future generation and whatever plans they may have. The invention of the Internet is without doubt one of the major developments in human history.

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However, the Internet is not without disadvantages, and there are some security risks involved when it comes to doing business or having communications online. There are always some people with less than good intentions out there, and they do pose a risk. Here’s why security over the Internet is no laughing matter, and what you can do to enhance it.

Identity theft

It’s probably the most feared aspect of the whole Internet business – what if someone hacks into your email, bank accounts, and other important domains; what if someone is able to steal your identity and then use your information for personal profit? After all, there are fraudsters everywhere.

Privacy and confidentiality

Some things are said between you and another person (you and your boss, you and a loved one) that should remain out of the public eye; things that remain confidential as relationships could possibly depend on it.

Data theft

Whether it’s company data (such as sales figures, which the competition would love getting their hands on) or personal data (such as projects you are working on, or bank account numbers), data needs to be protected.

Computer risks

All it takes is a simple virus to make your computer’s hard disk spinning around like crazy and eliminating data that is crucial. Your hardware is at risk.

About protection

There are things you can do, and here are just some of the most important examples:

  • Get a good anti-virus programme (like the reputable ones from as that would safeguard your connection from harmful elements as well as external attacks. Make sure the anti-virus system has essential features like pop-up blocker, spam blocker, anti-spyware and anti-malware.
  • Keep personal or sensitive information private (not online), or use encryption if you have to communicate it online. Passwords are an exceptional way by which your computer security could be enhanced and that too within a short period. It is necessary to change the passwords so that can could not track down your information.
  • Check your firewall settings, and apply strict features, which would not allow outsiders to catch hold of your information. Only people with passwords would be able to access the data and have a control over the network.
  • Most importantly: use common sense and don’t share your information with anyone. It is due to speedy connection service that computers nowadays are connected with the internet. The easiest way to protect your PC would be to keep them disconnected for some time.

Here’s the good news: people and companies who do business on the Internet have all the same concerns as you do, and they are all working together to ensure that the confidentiality of their business and the security of their customers or clients are completely protected. A whole business is built around it, and it’s less dramatic than some news stories aim to portray. Of course, it’s about staying ahead of the game and about using common sense: keep your passwords secret, and if you handle confidential data, hire security specialists to help you. There’s too much at stake, after all.

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Simon is a renowned author, who writes articles and blogs on internet security. According to him, a computer could only be kept protected if one remembers to follow certain tips starting from using anti-virus systems like to installing a firewall.

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