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How IoT Technology Will Change Construction Industry

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As we talk about the construction industry, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a blue-collar job where workers must do everything manually. However, for the past few years, things have changed; with the development of the Internet of Things, even the construction industry has experienced a huge impact.

Sensors and cellular monitoring devices are just some of the few equipment that are being utilized in all kinds of industries, including the construction field. The IoT technology aims to revolutionize how construction workers plan on projects, and how the IoT Technology can change the construction industry for the better.

Internet of Things

1. Safer Work Environment

In most industries, safety is the main priority, and the construction industry is not an exception. Considering the fact that there is a lot of bulky equipment that move quickly every time, the workers’ safety is always at risk. That’s why safety procedures are very important, and maintaining a safe work environment could result to a more friendly workplace. With IoT technology, you’ll be able to encourage workplace safety in a number of ways you’ve never thought of.

One of those ways is the use of smart traffic cones. These are modular system that goes perfectly in existing operations and equipment. You can use it for different purposes, such as road closures, lane closures, safe working areas, and many more. Likewise, since it features a portable site alarm, as well as wireless impact sensors, you’ll be alerted whenever the cone has been struck. If a cone alarm is induced, then the traffic cone would emit audio and visual alerts to get the attention of the workers.

Aside from ensuring a safe perimeter, it also records the status with time and location stamp, which are accessible on the web portal. This allows the managers and workers to access information in case that they need some supporting proof after an accident.

2. A More Professional Setting

The construction industry is a fast-paced environment where there are a lot of activities and tasks that need to be carried out, and equipment to be supervised. For that reason, it’s important that the construction managers would pay attention to important factors, such as vehicle usage and work crews.

Although today’s system allows the construction management team to find ways on how to ensure that the workers are doing their job, while the equipment are working fine, IoT technology provides a more-advanced solution. It can provide several ways on how to ensure that time and resources are being fully maximized.

With the help of Internet of Things technology, cranes, dump trucks, and even personnel materials, as well as completing tasks can easily be monitored. This would help in fixing the complex system and ensure that the projects are done in a timely manner, and within the allotted budget. Sensors will also be installed on the concrete equipment in order to monitor the usage, idle time, and most especially, the path of operations. This would help project managers select the best timelines according to specific variables.

3. A Better Look at the Construction Equipment

IoT Technology permits construction managers have a complete access to building tools and supply details on where each of these items are currently located. This would allow the managers to determine the number of excavators in charge, how many physical goods are available, and if there’s a need to order new materials already.

Sensors will also be installed on various equipment and materials so that the workforce will be able to ensure that the projects would be completed on time. This would lessen the time consumed searching for lost tools, and it would also eradicate the need to replace those missing tools.

4. Microprismatic Plastics

Aside from smart traffic cones, there will also be smart-zones containing barricades in bright fluorescent oranges and whites. With IoT, these markets would be more visible that it can easily be seen even from a distance. The super bright micro prismatic plastic are retroreflective, that they provide superglow especially at night.

This only implies that the light taken from another source, such as headlight, will be converted into something more useful, The air cells between the double layer of plastic sheeting would also ensure that the light will bounce back to the original source.

Overall, we can’t deny that the IoT is slowly taking over in several industries, including construction. What does this imply? Sooner or later, the leading construction companies would be more competitive as they integrate IoT technology into their business.

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