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6 Essential Tools for Every Home Garage

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We all like to do some tinkering in our garage, whether we know or not, how to put it all back! It just feels great to have a go at it, challenging our brain cells to come up with something that might turn out to be a mind-blowing invention! The garage is the place where all ideas come to life, where hours are spent doing back-breaking work with grease smudges and wrenches lying around.
Now, whether you like to just play around in the garage or are tuning up your car, you will definitely need the right tools! Every tool has been made for a specific task and you will want to buy the right tools if you are a beginner.

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In fact, you can call buying tools as a journey rather than a destination, because you can never have all the tools. You just keep acquiring them on the go.
Let me tell you about some of the initial tools that you should have with you when you start off!

  1. Lighting and Safety

It cannot be stressed enough, on how important it is to just have a basic safety kit when you start in a garage. Something as simple as a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit can make the difference between averting a major disaster and going to the hospital. This is easily the first thing that people ignore when they begin working in the garage.

Good lighting is something that will help you in doing your work efficiently. Your garage is not a night club so make sure that it has simple and bright lighting!


  1. Auto Lift for Lifting Your Sweet Ride!

Any car that you start working on will need work on the underside of the car, so it is a great idea to arm yourselves with some floor jacks and lifts. The minimum number should be four, one for each wheel of the car. Do not compromises on the number or quality of the lifts because you will be sticking your head under, and you would definitely want to be able to take it back out safely! It is advisable to go for about 2-3 ton stands and lifts as they will help you out in most cars.

  1. A Good Old Socket Set

This is the ultimate hero of your tool set. You will need its help in almost every little and major snag you come across. So, it is a really good option to not skimp on this. This set will save several headaches when it in numerous situation. And buying individual pieces will end up burning a bigger hole in your pocket.

A good set should have all the right tools like deep-well sockets, T bar handles and a set of wrenches. Do your research when you go for getting a decent socket set.Remember if you try to snuggle out of this, you will be shelling out a lot at the end of the day!

  1. Torque Wrench

Now this is a more serious tool when it comes to garage work. This usually differentiates a beginner from a professional garage tinkerer! Whenever there is a loose nut and bolt, our first response is to tighten it all the way down. But this is not the right way to go about things. You need to tighten the nuts to a correct degree rather than wrestling it your way.

You will want to have a torque wrench that works with torque-to-yield fasteners. They are tightened through a specific torque and a particular angle.

  1. Power Tools to Make Life Easier!

There are many power tools that will make it working on your dream project a breeze. Power tools provide the right balance of speed and smooth handling. The best thing about them is that they allow you to accomplish tasks that are quite a huge pain when it comes to hand tools.

Out of all the power tools you can probably start off with a cordless drill which is a common multi-purpose tool. It provides you with ample maneuverability and sturdiness. As you are just starting out you also go ahead with a dremel tool.

  1. Air Tools and Air Compressor

This set allows you to almost do everything right from yourbackyard garage! It will allow you to a lot more than just blow cleaning auto parts and inflating tires. With this you have almost reached a truly professional garage.
And for this same reason this set might seem too much of an investment when you are starting new. It may not really be a necessity in an average garage!

These tools are some of the most basic ones that will give help you in most situations. It is better to master these tools before moving on to the professional ones. At the end of the day you need to realize that you can have all the right tools but not have the drive or patience to see your project through! So take up the tool and get tinkering with the zeal to do something different.

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