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The Anatomy Of A Marketing Professional: Do You Measure Up?

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Puns, isn’t it? That what pours out if you cut a marketing professional, not blood! In all seriousness though, what does make someone a success at the part art, part science that is known as marketing? Well, keep reading to find out, and to see how well you or the person in charge of your marketing measures up.

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It used to be that if a person was on their phone all the time at work, they would get in trouble, but for a marketing professional, this is actually great sign. You want them to be engaged in social media, and have great networks and connections. This is because a good marketer can use them and the skills it took to build them to help your campaign be a success.

So it’s out with the old rules of no Facebook in work time. Instead, the more time your marketer spends on social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram sharing images, replying to posts and building up your company’s presence, the better.


Something else that you are going to want your marketing professional to be is well informed. You will want them to have their finger on the pulse with regard to new developments in your field of industry, especially the ones with online marketing, as well as with marketing techniques in general. So they can exploit these to get your brand out there.

You will also want the person in charge of your marketing to be informed in term of their education. Something that can give them the edge in this highly competitive and fast-moving world. To this end look for candidates that have previous marketing qualifications and experience, or ones that are willing to embark on courses like this MBA online no GMAT AACSB, while they do the job to further expand their field of knowledge. After all, the better educated they are in this area, the better results your company will see in its campaigns.


A great marketer must be flexible. This is because they can go from choosing photos for your latest campaign one minute to answering a customer query on social media the next to editing a long-form piece of copy a moment after.

That means a successful marketer has to be able to wear many hats and be able to change between them smoothly and seamless to get the job done.


Another important aspect of a successful marketing professional is that they are creative. They need to be quick thinking and see things from your customers perspective. They also need to be able to write decent copy and use their visual skills for choices with fonts, and images, although it’s not a prerequisite that they be able to draw.

In addition, they need to be able to think outside of the box and come up with ideas that grab people’s attention and enable your business to stand out from the crowd. So a sprinkle of creativity is an absolute must for any successful marketing professional.

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