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Apps and Services to Skyrocket your Productivity

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In the digital age, work and life have become a lot more complicated in a variety of ways. We’re all connected by the internet, meaning that for many of us office hours never really end. Customers and associates are always on our case, and social obligations have to be filtered through a variety of different websites and apps.

Currently, there are over one million applications available for iOS and Android-powered devices, many of which are designed by average app users with a unique and original idea. Alas, many of these apps range from the ridiculous to the downright useless.

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Fortunately, between worrying about SEO and trying to pick the right filter for your latest social media upload, there’s also a world of productivity apps available to help us get a handle on our runaway time.

Here are a few of the categories it’s worth your time investigating.

Time tracking apps

As time is at a premium now, perhaps more than ever, it only makes sense to invest in tools which help us manage those precious minutes and hours. Fortunately, a wide variety of these apps exist, with the ability to monitor our time both actively and passively.

RescueTime is one of the most popular services in this area. It runs quietly in the background during your workday, and makes a log of how much time you’ve spend on various websites and programs throughout the day. It’ll then break your report down with a productivity rating.

Toggle is another app commonly used to track time, and is more specifically focused around manually logging hours spent on a project, to allow for easier timesheet creation and invoicing down the line.

Financial services

If managing your time is the most important thing in business, managing your money is a very close second. Luckily, there’s no need to rely on obscure paper-based budgeting tools, or the indulgence of your accountant, in order to keep your finances in order in the 21st Century.

Your bank will have online facilities which allow you to directly move money around with little effort. Quick and easy loans can likewise be arranged entirely through web-based services such as Finally, apps such as “YNAB” (“You Need a Budget”) allow you to track and plan the flow of your wealth, hassle-free.

It’s difficult trying to keep a handle on your finances without the help provided by the various innovative apps and services which exist on the web for that very purpose. Take advantage of these tools to simplify your life.

Health software

Productivity isn’t just a matter of having the right kind of systems in place in the office, it’s also fundamentally about maintaining optimal energy and focus throughout the day, to allocate to the most important tasks you have before you.

Of course, that means that paying attention to your health is one of the best ways of “hacking” your productivity known to man.

Here too, apps can help you out, whether it be Fitstar or Fitstar yoga for planning workouts, MyFitnessPal for tracking your calorie and nutrient intake, or Headspace for taking up a mindfulness meditation practice and enhancing your focus and calm throughout the day.

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