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Can Employees Play a Larger Role in Saving Energy?

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Whether you’re implementing automated energy savings or using a utility management tool, you won’t achieve full energy savings potential without complete participation across all departments in your organization. With energy savings technology in place, employee laziness is still bound to hinder your efforts and result in inefficient energy management.

Saving Energy

Motivating your employees to commit to energy savings initiatives starts from the top down. Create incentives and make energy savings an engaging process that promotes a positive outlook across your organization.

Let’s explore some ways employees can aid in the fight to reduce emissions and energy waste and what managers can do to incentivize employee energy savings.

Ways Employees can Reduce Energy Waste

1.   Turn off the Lights

Whether you’re office uses incandescent or LED lights, leaving the lights on when they’re not in use can begin to add up over time. If your office doesn’t use motion sensor LEDs, post signs around the office reminding people to turn off the lights when not in use.

Take advantage of natural sunlight whenever available. Consider also getting your team outside for breaks or team building exercises to cut down on electricity and get some sunlight.

2.   Use Laptops

Laptops consume 80% less electricity than desktop computers and operate on at least ⅓ less energy. Set up some bean bag chairs around the office that encourage employees to lounge with a laptop. You can also make it mandatory for employees to use a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Ensure you place all computers on sleep mode or turn them off when not in use.

3.   Take Back Control of the Thermostat

The battle to control the thermostat runs far deeper than simply regulating the office temperature. Turning up the thermostat by one degree on a hot day can save a business up to 3% on its utility bill. Place strict guidelines on thermostat temperatures so your employees don’t run wild trying to create an icebox in your office on a 90 degree day.

4.   Recycle!

Encouraging your employees to recycle should be a common place initiative in today’s day and age. While this doesn’t directly impact energy usage, it helps to lower your office’s emissions and contributes to a more green friendly organization, which encourages green friendly practices elsewhere.

5.   Keep the Doors Closed

This strategy is fairly obvious, but often overlooked. Keeping exterior doors closed, as well as office windows, can save save your business a ton of money on heating and cooling. Simply placing signs on doors to remain close should do the trick.

These are fairly straightforward strategies that a few pieces of scotch tape and printer paper could enforce. But these are not enough to significantly impact your energy bill and reduce waste. Instituting company-wide green initiatives require greater engagement and employee leadership to achieve.

Encouraging Employee Participation


Providing educational materials for employees to understand the significance of energy savings will encourage your employees to comply with new initiatives. You could even make it a responsibility within employee contracts to comply with green policies at the workplace. Many people want to reduce waste and promote a green office, they just don’t know how to.

Rewards Programs

Create incentives for going green with some rewards. Branded merchandise is also a positive reminder of the work employees have done to make their office more green friendly.

Establish Energy Leaders

Establishing a green leader or “responsible party” is not merely passing on the buck, but giving employees a chance to display leadership skills. They can work with management to formulate ways to institute energy savings policies company-wide and talk directly with employees to guide them on their mission.

Create Green Teams

Green teams are composed of dedicated employees with a commitment to energy savings and green policies. These teams can brainstorm and work together to come up with events to get office members involved in green strategies. Team members will produce, execute, and monitor strategies to ensure proper energy savings benchmarks are being met.

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