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Favorite FTP Finally Made FTP Synchronizing on OS X Effortless

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Automated, simple and functional FTP client is released on Mac OS X. Favorite FTP is a forcible replacement for traditional FTP clients that used to rule among OS X users.

Eliminating the need to synchronize files manually when uploading changes to a server via FTP is the goal many FTP client applications pursued. Yet most of traditional FTP apps on OS X tend to overcomplicate things. Provided there are no many alternatives on OS X, the need for an easy to use and functional FTP client is still here in 2017.

Favorite FTP

Favorite FTP is an FTP client that manages to stay effortless to use while bringing in a lot of professional functions. First of all, the app automatically scans local and remote folders and synchronizes them. Upon completion, the user receives an e-mail message. Conveniently, only files that require synchronization are copied. This saves both time and bandwidth of the user. Bi-directional sync is also supported.

For extra performance, Favorite FTP uploads and downloads files in multiple simultaneous threads. And this is reliable too, because the program always uses temporary files before making any actual changes to the files on the server. Hence, at any given moment the file is either old or new, and partial uploads are technically impossible.

Favorite FTP has sleek and straightforward UI, and a lot of slight but extremely helpful functions for effortless FTP synchronization on OS X. For instance, filtering allows the user to choose only specific files to upload. Automatic version conflict detection resolves a common situation when the same file is changed both on Mac and on FTP. Complete support for secure FTP and SSL connection ensures safety of users’ data.

Favorite FTP has everything to make sync between Max and FTP a lot easier even if synchronizing thousands of files in hundreds of folders. The user can start synchronizing by a button click or do it automatically via scheduler.

Pricing and availability

Favorite FTP is available for OS X 10.7 or later. The price for a full version is $19.95. A free trial is also available.


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About the company

Fevosoft develops software utilities for Mac OS and Windows since 2003. The company focuses on solving present-day needs of the customers by providing quality products and support services.

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