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The future of technology in the education process

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This is an article about the future of education based on newest technologies. It may be helpful when writing an essay about technology and education.


H1: How technology will form the future of education

For the last ten years, the process of education changed a lot thanks to new technologies. Both students and teachers have got many benefits and great possibilities to make the learning process more interesting and simple. In this article, we will try to define the future of education.

Modern technologies provide teachers with tools (software and hardware) to engage students into the process of learning. Here are the main tools that will help to improve our education in the future:

  • Smartphones and tablets

We know that most of the students from 5 to 15 come to school with their own smartphones (about 90% of people). Of course, they use such devices to play games and make calls. But it’s possible to use smartphones and tablets for studying too. In some universities and schools, they already use tablet computers for learning. This can be very helpful for students. In the future all schools and universities will be able to use such devices. Traditional studying will be replaced with modern things that are very familiar to the students. Needless to say that the implementation of this method needs more serious researches, but anyway we will come to this point earlier or later.

  • Internet connection

Students can find a lot of information for their projects on the Internet. Actually the Internet is a great tool for learning that gives students a chance to fulfill their assignment more creatively, and to understand the material much better compared to usual books and printed instructions and guides. A lot of universities are already equipped with WI-FI connection, and students can complete their tasks online on the lesson. Some schools are provided with libraries with computers where students can make their researches and find all the needed information online. In the future, we hope that all schools and universities will be equipped with WI-FI to give their students a great possibility for learning.

  • Gamification in schools

This is a popular approach that uses a computer-game style for learning. During the game, children study new things, watch their progress and the most successful people even get some rewards. This is a new technology in the education that only starts its way. The one cross-device platform that is available now is Classcraft. According to this game, teachers notice that children have got the highest motivation, they started to get better grades, and the work of the entire class became more productive. We expect such games will be implemented in many schools soon and this will help to involve more children in the learning process without forcing them, because they will be interested in the game, so it means they will make good progress in studying.

  • Virtual reality

This is a tool that will give students a great possibility to appear anywhere. Whether it’s a biology course and they need to discover the nature of jungles, or it’s a foreign language course and they have to communicate with native speakers, it will be possible thanks to the virtual reality technology. Schools and universities will be available with virtual language labs, virtual biology labs, and virtual science labs to make the education process more interesting and realistic.

  • Using software and digital wireless technologies

In the future, students will be able to make and save their homework using Dropbox, OneCloud, Google Drive and other platforms, so it will be possible to work from any place, including school, home, and any other location with the Internet connection. Using video platforms (Skype) will give students the possibility to review the lesson, or teachers to communicate with sick children and even their parents without leaving school. This is also a great tool for distance studying that is already exist, and we hope it will develop more and more in the future.

  • How to prepare classrooms to the future?

Of course, it’s important to know a possible potential of the technology in education, but it’s also very important to understand and plan how to apply the newest technologies into the classroom we used to see nowadays. Teachers have to decide if they want use particular tools, and the education sector should be prepared to make cost-effective changes such as data requirements and power increasing. A classroom of the future will have an infrastructure of data and power points, cables, various systems and connections to provide students with effective work. All wiring systems should be hidden with an easy option to get to them when needed.

The education evolution may seem quite complicated, but if to use quality equipment and modern technologies to make a solid infrastructure, each and every student will have a great chance to realize their potential at the school or university.

H2: How to write a research paper about technologies

When you are required to make a research paper, it’s important to organize your work properly. You need a clear plan to know what to do today and tomorrow, otherwise you won’t be able to write a good work. Here are main steps you should follow when making this assignment:

  1. Choose an interesting topic you are familiar with.
  2. Surf the Internet, go to the library and read books, articles, newspapers, etc. to find as much as possible information about the subject.
  3. Formulate the main idea of your future paper (thesis statement).
  4. Create your outline, it will help you to write your future work logically.
  5. Organize all information you’ve found during your research.
  6. Write the first draft.
  7. Revise your work thoroughly, and correct all grammar, logical, and punctual errors. Also, check your paper for plagiarism.
  8. Type the final paper.

As you can see, writing this work requires a lot of time, patience, and good writing skills. If you are in need of research paper writing help, order your work online. You will be able to save your time and money, and get a high-professional paper made by talented writers.

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