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Gaming Platforms Compared

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The gaming world is so competitive. Whether it be through the games being developed, or the platforms they’re being developed for. Each has their pros and cons. Each also has their diversity in terms of games available, how they’re played, and the competitors within that field. Each area has made huge strides to keep up with their competitors, and it can only keep getting better. Some platforms are more suited to certain age groups, whilst others appeal more to an older generation. Some people will have their firm favourites with this one, but let’s explore what each one has to offer.

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Console has been the long standing favourite with pretty much everyone. Although now it would seem it has to compete somewhat with the growing popularity of PC gaming. Anyway, the variety of console gaming is huge. The least popular console would probably be the nintendo variety. It’s more tailored towards families and children. The Wii especially is so interactive, it really draws the younger generation in. The games are usually a lot more fun activity based, rather than a story. For example, Mario Kart was a firm favourite with families around the world due to its competitive, yet fun nature. The DS range of the Nintendo’s is also extremely popular with the younger generation, again due to its interactiveness, and games tailored more for people of a younger age.

Then there’s the battle between Playstation and Xbox. Instantly, people reading this will know whether they’re a PS4 or Xbox kind of person. Some people prefer the controller of the Xbox, whilst some people swear by the Playstation being easier. Some people prefer to have the console where a game is being released to first. Sometimes PS4 gets the jump on Xbox and vise versa, meaning people are torn between getting the game first or waiting those few extra days. Both have the same internet features, with both the web and apps such as Netflix or Amazing being easily accessible for both. The speed and reliability of both are pretty equal, as well as design. You can read more on this long standing battle in the following article One thing that’s a common problem with consoles is lack of hard drive space. Check out this guide to best external hard drives for ps4 if you face this problem.


The popularity of mobile gaming has grown so much over the years. There’s been so many addictive games released over the years, such as Candy Crush, that has boosted mobile gamings popularity. It’s quick and easy to access, and every modern phone has an app store where either free or paid for games can be purchased. That’s the beauty of mobile gaming. Some really addictive games can be purchased for free, and can be played anywhere in the world. Some don’t even require an internet signal, meaning it is literally accessible anywhere. It’s one of the reasons why mobile gaming might just be as popular as console and PC, you can read more on the subject in this article Considering pretty much everyone in the world has a mobile phone, especially now younger children, it’s easy to see why. People choose the free games, and find them so addictive they end up buying addons within the game. But, some would say it’s better than paying $50 for a console game.

The variety of games available on mobile is huge. There’s the rubbish quality free one’s, that have been created purely for the sake of making a game. Then there’s the long standing series that have captured people all over the world. The genres are just as broad as those of console, from problem solving to role playing games, it has it all. Take the Final Fantasy game for example. Its progressed in popularity and quality over the years, and has such an in depth story line it’s easy to get hooked. You can check out more about the Final Fantasy empire at Graphics quality has also greatly improved over the time, it’s easy to see why popularity is continually on the rise.


In comparison to the other two, PC gaming is a strange category. It takes the interest of mainly hardcore gamers. The graphics and game play however, compare to none of the above. It’s so precise and vivid, people say it makes gaming so much easier. The screens are purposely designed smaller, the aid the graphic quality. When playing on a larger screen, quality can be lost as the picture is stretched, this issue never happens with PC gaming. The variety is so broad as well, so many games can be purchased for a PC, that can’t with any other platform. The set ups that can be brought are insane as well. It definitely is a lot more expensive, but all say the larger price is worth the better quality. More can be found on building your own set ups here You can also buy pretty much every game for the PC that you can for consoles.

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