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Looking for a Crypto PR Team? Check for These Traits

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The massive drift between transactions made with traditional currency and those conducted via digital currency indicates that marketing efforts are critical to the progress of this innovation. As such, most firms don’t know what to look for when hunting for the appropriate crypto PR team.

Crypto PR Team

What you should look for in a Crypto PR team?

When you are hiring a PR firm, there are essential factors that you must consider if you want to achieve significant success.

The PR firm must be the right size and it should match your level of growth as a startup. If your business is still young and still using the seed capital to ignite growth, it’s in your best interest if you settled for a small company that will help you with awareness campaigns. Besides being a cost-effective option, a small firm is flexible and can tailor their efforts to suit your needs.

The firm must have a good understanding of the cryptocurrency industry and has demonstrated a constant passion for the sector. If you would never place someone on a game they don’t understand and bet on them to win, then you shouldn’t work with a firm that isn’t familiar with the cryptocurrency sector.

The ability to use the most appropriate type of press can never be overlooked. Basically, you wouldn’t seek the services of a Science PR firm to provide Tech press. It’s important that you decide what channels are most critical for your startup and then embark on hiring PR firms that have a proven track record in those areas.

Focus on the firm’s strengths

Different PR firms demonstrate different capabilities and they will readily disclose how they advertise and the people they have working partnerships with. The moment you have understood their areas of expertise focus on this area in your awareness campaigns.

Working with a Crypto PR firm which has the right connections, you can get opportunities to represent your company in high-value conferences in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, if a PR firm is updated with the current events they can give you an easy passage into exclusive events which can be pivotal to brand awareness.

Getting the attention needed

A good PR firm will always be standing with you when you are launching new products or services. In addition, critical press releases warrant the attention of your firm and they should be committed to giving you sufficient attention.

There’s nothing which is as frustrating when you are working with a PR team that can disappear for days when you need them most. If this happens, it’s good to let the team know that their commitment is wanting and you might be considering changing your relationship.

Some firms may be great to work with and they could be aggressive and creative. But if a team is not helping you achieve the results you have projected, it’s time to switch to another firm that focuses on what can give you results or do it yourself.


While getting the right Crypto PR team for your startup can be cumbersome, using these tips can ease the selection process.

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