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Why No-one Is Downloading Your App?

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An app can take a lot of time and money to build. If people aren’t using it, it may feel as if it were all for waste. But don’t worry – you can still take action to get people more excited about your app. Here are a few reasons why you may not be getting the downloads you desire.

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You’re not marketing your app enough

Android users have 2.8 million apps to choose from, whilst Apple users have a selection 2.2 million apps at their disposal. That’s a lot of apps! Marketing is now more essential than ever to make your product stand out.

Think about who will be using your app. If you’re targeting businesses, you may want to try tactics such as email marketing, attending business events and getting features in business publications. If your app is for the everyday consumer, the top ten tips from may be more useful. General tech events and tech publications meanwhile may cater for all types of consumer.

You should also consider ASO (App Store Optimisation). This is a way of making your app easier to find in app stores. Like SEO, this relies largely on the type of keywords you’re using. You can find a comprehensive guide on this at

Be prepared to spend money on marketing in order to get results. If you only budgeted for the production of your app, you may be limited as to marketing strategies you can use and it could be worth saving up to launch a full campaign and possibly re-releasing your app.

Your app is too expensive

People are very tight-fisted when it comes to apps. $10 may not sound like a lot, but when many apps are less $5 and many others free, some people can find $10 hard to justify.

Sure, you most likely want to make a profit on your app. But perhaps you just need to get more creative. Many app developers are realising that they can still make money out of a free app – by charging for extras. By offering your app for free, more people will use it. You can then tease people into spending money by only giving them limited access to features.

There’s already an app out there just like yours

The hard truth of the matter could be that your app already exists in another more popular form. This can be the result of a lack of research beforehand.

Having an app that’s identical to others out there is a problem. However, it doesn’t mean you should abandon all hope – you may simply have to make a few tweaks to make your app stand out more. This could involve finding a key difference between your app and other similar ones and highlighting this in your marketing. Alternatively, you may want to make a few software modifications to your app to emphasise its unique features. Research other apps thoroughly before making these changes.

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