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5 Trends That Changed SEO in 2017

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Search engine optimization is one of the biggest ways of online marketing and has helped many businesses in finding new customers. SEO is like the genie which has brought many wishes true for various upcoming startups. There are many positives that have come out of investing time and efforts in SEO.

Trends SEO

But the trick of successfully implementing SEO in your company website is by staying ahead in the trend game! The only way you can be better than the other company’s website is by staying one step ahead! Many SEO experts fail to realize this fact and end up providing only short term SEO benefits to company websites. But because Google continuously keeps updating its algorithms for more optimized indexing and better search results, it becomes important to keep a track of such changes.

Staying in tune with these changes can really benefit the company in its online outreach strategies through SEO implementation.

So, let us go over some of the important trend changes in SEO in 2017.

  1. Dense Content in Demand

For the people who are the genuine SEO experts, one thing has always been clear, content is the endgame. Google always want high quality websites on the top with extensively researched content. Google has sharpened its algorithms to search out spam websites with dubious links and then to penalize them with low ranks.

This is supposed to put a roadblock to website with really poor content, which are more focused towards earning money rather than actually helping the user. The blogging world is filled with a lot of bite-sized fluffy content. But this new trend marks the revival of long comprehensive content that is meant to educate others.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Page Project

With an exponential rise in the number of smartphones in growing markets, there is a surge for mobile searches. But to be ready for this, the websites need to be optimized to allow for such changes. This boom has brought a new dimension to SEO.

Accelerated mobile page is an open source protocol that allows for faster mobile searches without any extra changes in data rates. This has come as a major development to all the traditional SEO company who have focused only on desktop optimization. But like any other trend, this one also represents the people in general. As people are migrating towards having everything on their palms it becomes quite important for Google to adapt to these changes. Google has already started showing preference to sites that have adopted AMP, by ranking them higher.

  1. Optimized Voice Searches

Voice searches are now a rage among most of the young generation. With better phone features being offered at cheap prices, voice recognition is slowly becoming a standard in all smartphones!

In this prominent trend, more people are using the comfort of voice searches for their daily needs. This makes the work of Google a little more difficult when it comes to ranking the website. The focus is now being shifted to conversational keywords! That is how Google finds the best suitable website to answer the question asked by the user. In the future this trend can be expected to become a driving force in mobile searches.

  1. Machine Learning (ML) And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ML and AI are some of the most widely researched topics currently. With their amazing applications in different domains, it was only time before they had an impact in the SEO world too.

Google has slowly started rolling out machine learning algorithms that will study the customer behavior and keep updating the algorithms accordingly. Learning the various conversational keywords of mobile searches will also become easier with advances in ML.

Use of AI in Google searches will not only make the searches more intelligent but also prevent malpractices in SEO implementation. All these new technologies will take SEO to a new level, prompting your SEO expert to follow suit by working harder on site optimization.

  1. User Experience Optimization

The online world has a lot of potential to generate revenue through ADS. But strictly speaking that is not what the purpose of websites is. Websites need to increasingly become more user-friendly if they want more customers to return to their website. User experience is again taking the forefront with the new algorithms being implemented by Google.

There are various ways to make the website a better one like reducing the number of pop up ads, having a clear navigation and faster load time.
The websites need to become more user-centric otherwise they will lose out on rankings to other better websites.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. SEO is a continuously adapting field that regularly changes according to the needs of the users. It is up to the SEO company to adopt these changes while working on their website SEO.

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