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7 Reasons Why an iPhone is Better Than Any Other Smartphone

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The iPhone has emerged as a leading mobile device in an era where a number of options are already present. What is that attracts people to an iPhone? How is it that this singular brand has maintained its stay over the market over the years even with increasing number of competitors offering similar features at a much lower price? Why is it that an average individual is ready to dole out extra bucks for this very phone? Let us look at the 7 primary reasons for this.

iPhone 6S

  1. The Best Camera

Apple was the first company to pioneer the cutting-edge technology in the field of cameras attached to cellular devices. They have always been famous for having the best camera in each of its phones over the years. With iPhone 7+, the introduction of the new portrait mode was something that again revolutionized the whole camera technology. Also, with the introduction of the A11 bionic chip, the first of its kind in a camera, Apple has taken things to the next level. So, if you walk with the latest iPhone, rest assured you are walking with the best camera available on a cellular device.

  1. Easiest Phone to Use

Right since the inception of Apple, its aim has been to build products which can be understood and operated by any individual, which holds true even when we talk about the iPhone. It has the most advanced and yet accessible GUI (Graphical User Interface). Also with the introduction of Siri, the scene has changed radically. Apple has also added the ability to edit live photos and send payments to friends using the messaging app. The latter also comes a file system, which to be honest was one place where iPhone had lagged before.

  1. OS Updates When You Want Them

This is a major plus point. If you have a compatible iPhone, you can download an update the day it’s launched. Unless you have an Android phone like Google pixel, it may take months before you can get the actual update, since mobile companies have to go through different processes before they can make the new update available for their user.

4.  No Carrier Bundled Apps

One very unique feature that comes along with an iPhone is the absence of preinstalled carrier apps in the phone. These are often hard-installed and therefore you cannot uninstall them. Thus, although you might not need certain apps, you are stuck with them because they occupy limited memory space. iPhone does have this problem but there are minimal apps installed and not any carrier app which might be because someone paid the carrier to install them. Thus, unburden yourself and buy an iPhone instead.

  1. Visibly Faster

The iPhone has always been a premium device, one of the main reasons for that has been speed at which its processor works. It stands a class apart than Android when it comes to performance based on speed. For example, iPhone 6 made use of only two processors in a time when smartphones had gone on to 8 processors. But then how did it still beat android in speed, the answer is simple, quality. The processors used in iPhones are the best in the world when it comes to mobile application

  1. The Best Syncing Experience with Other Gadgets

There are some very unique advantages of having an iPhone, the way it simplifies sharing media and files is commendable, an example being the fact that one can answer a phone call from their apple computer if it is synced to the iPhone and all you need is an apple id. Copying something from your phone and paste it on your mac sure sounds convenient. We have to mention Airdrop which helps you share files at a very fast rate over Wi-Fi.

  1. iPhone Are More Secure

No, we are not talking about fingerprint and face recognition, although they too help secure your data against more physical predators. iOS is a very closed software, so designing a malware that can affect is very difficult, that is not the case with android which tends to be more vulnerable to such attacks. Almost 97% of all the malwares cannot affect iOS, which is a pretty significant number.

Thus, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that although iPhone dent your pocket, they do put the best mobile on the planet inside your pocket.

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