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How I can Recover Deleted Data without sending it to Data Recovery Company

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Recently, while doing survey of several forums and tech-sites, I found several questions related to the data recovery. But, one query that is common in all searches is the question, How to recover deleted files? At first, I focused on my research and ignored to read the solution. But, later hunger to learn within me compelled to have a look at least once.

You won’t imagine, I got shocked to see that most of the people are recommending Data Recovery Company to resolve a simple issue of deleted files recovery.

Indeed, it’s a sure-shot approach, but still worthy to go for it for every recovery job? Moving forward, is there no any other nominal solution to fix the issue?

If you are also having a similar query like me and are searching for a viable option to Recover Deleted data without sending it to Data Recovery Company, then you have landed at the right platform. This guide is your true companion. It briefs you about a simple, quick, and effective solution to recover deleted data in almost half the price that a service provider can cost. Moreover, it also highlights some freeware hacks. Read to learn.

Solutions to Recover Deleted Data

Situation 1: Deleted Files Using Delete Option

Solution: Restore from Recycle Bin

Steps are:

  1. Go to Recycle Bin
  2. Select the Desired File
  3. Right-click on it
  4. Choose Restore

Situation 2: Permanently Deleted using Shift + Delete, Formatting, Virus Attack, Power Failure, and more.

Don’t worry solutions are using which you can restore the deleted data in following cases. These solutions are divided into two categories —Manual Driven and Software-Directed. You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Let’s take into account each of this one by one.

Manual-Directed Approach

Some of the most common and result delivering approaches are:

Solution 1: Backup and Restore

Figure 1: Illustrates Backup and Restore

  1. Click Start
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Open System and Maintenance
  4. Choose Backup and Restore
  5. Select Restore my files
  6. Lastly, follow the wizard steps

Note: Make sure your backup is in enable state.

Solution 2: Previous Version

Figure 2: Illustrates Previous Version

Steps are:

  1. Make a New Folder
  2. Label it the Same Name as the lost
  3. Right-click on the desired file
  4. Choose Restore Previous Version option
  5. Now, from the list of the Previous Version, choose the most recent version
  6. Lastly, click Restore

Note: You must enable Restore Points to use it.

Solution 3: History

Figure 3: Illustrates History

Steps are:

  1. Click Start
  2. Key in History
  3. Select the History Folder
  4. Open Search bar and type the Desired file/folder name
  5. Select it from the list
  6. Lastly, click on Restore

Software-Directed Approach

Solution: Employ Third party Recovery Tool

Compared to all the above-stated manual approaches, it is considerably more efficient. It is completely free from data loss risk and compromise issue that is most common in manual methods. Moreover, you don’t require any technical expertise to recover the deleted data.

Moving forward, it also leagues ahead in its competition with the service provider. The reason being, its cost-effectiveness.

Which software to bank upon and why?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home, leading technocrats have designated a top-rated anchor choice to this software on the basis of their analysis, assessments, and reviews.

The secret to its success lies in its reliability, powerful design, easy operability, security, and quick processing. In addition to business-critical data (Spreadsheet, PDF, PPT, office Document) recovery, it also assists you in the recovery of your Precious memories (Videos, Audio, and Photos).

If you talk about its functionality, it is very simple. You just have to follow three basic steps—Select, Scan, and Recover.

Count on this comprehensive guide to bid goodbye to hassle associated with Data Loss! If you feel, we missed something, please feel free to share using the comments section. Also, please stay in tune for more updates!

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