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Digital Businesses: 3 Mistakes Guaranteed To Lose You Customers

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When you operate a digital business, the vast majority of your focus will usually be on attracting new customers. New customers, after all, are a source of growth; the metric by which the health of a business is usually measured.

While there’s no denying that new customers are important for a business, there’s also no denying the fact that new customers are not the only area you should be concerned about. Your existing customers — those who have placed orders with you in the past — are just as important, but they tend to be neglected by many entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want your digital business to succeed, then it’s important you recognise the value of your existing customers and the reliable sales and business they provide. The continued revenue from these customers is of huge benefit to your business in financial terms, as well as with regard to your ability to forecast accurately. New customers are great, but returning customers are essential.

There are steps you can take to ensure your existing customers feel appreciated, but for the most part, impressing these customers is all about what you don’t do. If you can avoid the mistakes below, then your regulars will keep coming back for more time and time again…

1) Offering Deals To New Customers Only

If you offer discount codes or special deals only to new customers, then you’re going to annoy the customers who have allowed you to build your business to the point it is currently at. Yes, it’s important to attract new customers — and deals are a good way of doing this — but you should always try to extend the same offer to existing customers also.

2) Dramatic Reductions In Turnaround Times

If a customer has bought from you before, then they will buy from you again with confidence of the same length of turnaround. If you’re a web designer, they will expect a new project to take the same length of time as one they have already ordered; if you’re an ecommerce store, they will expect dispatch and delivery in roughly the same timeframes as before.

If there is a sudden slowdown in your turnaround times, then existing customers are going to be incredibly annoyed at what they will perceive as slipping standards. If you notice turnaround times are extending, then it’s vital you inspect the operations of your business to find the fault. If you’re inexperienced in this — as many entrepreneurs are, given the niche nature of operations — then undertaking an operations management degree online will give you quick, efficient, and relevant knowledge to ensure your turnaround times are always where your existing customers expect them to be.

3) Spam

You’re likely well aware that it’s important to have an email list when you’re running a digital business. Your mailing list allows you to send advertisements and promotions to your existing customers– but it’s vital you limit the number of emails you send, otherwise you risk your communications being relegated to the spam folder.

As a general rule, existing customers will be able to handle one email per week. Anything more, and they will tire, and feel like you are constantly bombarding them with irrelevant information.

Additionally, it’s not just the quantity of emails you send that can be problematic. Don’t send emails unless you genuinely have something of interest to say, such as promotional codes or information about new products. You want your existing customers to be intrigued by your emails, not irritated to the point of unsubscribing.

In Conclusion

If you can avoid the pitfalls above, then you can be sure that your existing customers will remain exactly that.

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